What is recyclable in Louisville Ky?

What is recyclable in Louisville Ky? What Can You Recycle Here? It’s not always straightforward, but broadly speaking you can recycle paper, plastic, glass and metal. But no tissue, no paint cans and no ceramics. Don’t toss your used styrofoam food containers in the recycling because Louisville’s contractor does not recycle them.

How do I dispose of a mattress in Louisville Ky? At the Waste Reduction Center, Louisville/Jefferson County residents can dispose of tires, household bulky waste such as metals, appliances, electronics, tree limbs and stumps up to three feet in diameter, unbagged yard waste, construction debris, and furniture. (Fees may apply.)

How does recycling work in Louisville? You may use a store-bought container as long as it is 30-40 gallon, has handles, has a lid, and is labeled ‘RECYCLING.” Stickers to label these containers are free and available from the Solid Waste office at 600 Meriwether Avenue Monday-Friday, 8-5. Or Contact us to request one.

What is not recyclable? You should not recycle packaging that contains dangerous products — or in other words, products that are ignitable, corrosive, or toxic. Examples include oil paint, motor oil, fuel, poisons, or medical waste. If these items are empty, and all you have left is the packaging, then throw the packaging in the trash.

What is recyclable in Louisville Ky? – Additional Questions

Can you recycle aluminum foil balloons?

Proper Disposal

The good news is that balloons made of foil are both recyclable and reusable. If the balloons you purchase are in good condition, once they deflate, you can fold them and store them away until another occasion arises.

How do you recycle?

Here are some tips to recycle more efficiently and effectively.
  1. Make sure it’s clean!
  2. Flatten cardboard.
  3. Set up designated recycling containers at home, work, and school.
  4. Look for products made out of recycled materials when you shop.
  5. Identify which types of plastic your building and neighborhood will accept.

How do I dispose of fluorescent tubes in Louisville Ky?

HAZ BIN accepts hazardous waste from Louisville Metro residents only. Businesses wishing to dispose of hazardous materials should contact a local hazardous waste disposal company.

Can you recycle Styrofoam?

Styrofoam can be recycled, and there are many ways to recycle styrofoam. One way to recycle styrofoam is to use it to make new products. Styrofoam can be used to make new products such as pens, picture frames and egg cartons.

Is glass recyclable in Kentucky?

#1 and #2 plastic bottles, jars and jugs (caps on) paper. cartons (caps on) glass bottles and jars.

Are Coke boxes recyclable?

Special Instructions. Refrigerated product boxes are not recyclable. They go in the garbage.

What can I do with Styrofoam near me?

The easiest way to find a Styrofoam recycler is to Google “Styrofoam recycling near me.” This should provide a list of possibilities within a reasonable drive from home. Another option is to use Earth911’s search function to look for plastic recyclers by ZIP code.

How do I dispose of a TV in Kentucky?

To drop off electronics for recycling, pull up the window and present your ID. Unload your items in the marked boxes. Follow the signs to exit through the back gate. The city’s Electronics Recycling Center accepts residential electronic waste Monday through Saturday.

How do I dispose of a TV near me?

You can also contact your city’s recycling coordinator or visit the US Environmental Protection Agency for programs near you. If your electronics are no longer usable, take a look at our schedule to find the next HHW/E-Waste Roundup in your area.

How do I dispose of a tube TV near me?

As long as it’s still in working order, you could contact some local schools, homeless support centers, non-profit organizations, Goodwill and the Salvation Army. You can also check out options on Donation Town as they accept televisions and many other electronics.

How do I dispose of a microwave in Kentucky?

Residents who have city waste collection service can request a pickup of appliances by calling LexCall at 311 or (859) 425-2255.

The city does not offer curbside collection for:

  1. humidifiers.
  2. TVs.
  3. microwaves.
  4. computers.
  5. printers.
  6. other electronics.

Where can I dispose of old appliances near me?

These are your best options.
  1. Transfer Station. If your city offers appliance recycling services, they will typically have recycling stations for large appliances at a local transfer station or dump.
  2. Local Scrap Metal Retailers.
  3. Retailers.
  4. Utility Provider.

How do I dispose of a microwave near me?

Drop it off at the Local Garbage Center or Landfill

Call your local landfill or garbage center and ask how to dispose of the microwave legally. They usually have special dumpsters or bins for electronics and small appliances.

How do you get rid of a refrigerator for free near me?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also has a program designed to provide free pick up and removal of appliances including refrigerators. You can check their website directory for any agencies near you that might be offering this service. Another option might be the retailer you purchase a new refrigerator from.

What can I do with my old fridge?

First and foremost, if your old fridge is in working order, you could give it to a friend, neighbour or family member. There are also a number of websites dedicated to reusing working appliances such as Freecycle. Some second-hand dealers may be interested in your appliance if it’s in good condition.

How do I dispose of a refrigerator near me?

Your electric utility company may pick up an old refrigerator. Some electric utility companies also offer refrigerator disposal services. You can reach out to your power company to see if this is a service they provide. If so, you can make an appointment for them to come and remove the refrigerator from your home.

How do you scrap a fridge?