What can be recycled in Westchester County?

What can be recycled in Westchester County? 

Residential Recycling
  • Glass Bottles & Jars. Recycle all food and beverage containers- clear and colored glass.
  • Cardboard. Flatten or cut boxes to a maximum size of 3ft.
  • Newspapers Magazines & Mixed Paper. Recycle all weekly and daily newspapers, including glossy inserts.
  • Plastic Containers.

Is Styrofoam recyclable Westchester? Styrofoam and other plastic packaging materials should not be placed in your recycling bin. However, packaging outlets such as Mail Boxes Etc. and The UPS Store, located throughout Westchester County, do take back Styrofoam, bubble wrap and other packaging materials.

How do I dispose of paint in Westchester County? Westchester County Department of Environmental Facilities

A variety of paints will now be accepted for recycling at the County’s Household Material Recovery Facility (HMRF) in Valhalla AND all upcoming Household Recycling Day Evets (HRDs). For additional PaintCare drop-off locations visit PaintCare’s website.

How do I dispose of electronics in Westchester County? Many Westchester County municipalities offer drop-off programs or curbside pickup for their residents. E-waste drop-off containers are located at some municipal DPW yards throughout the county. Contact your local Municipal Recycling Office for more details.

What can be recycled in Westchester County? – Additional Questions

How do I dispose of a large TV near me?

Look for a local recycling facility that is equipped to handle TV recycling. E-cycling Central is a great resource that can help you find a recycling depot near you. Or, you can check to see if the manufacturer of your old TV has a recycling program.

How do I get rid of old computers near me?

Best Buy and Staples are the two major retailers that come to mind when it comes to computer and electronics recycling.

How do I dispose of electronics in my area?

You can also contact your city’s recycling coordinator or visit the US Environmental Protection Agency for programs near you. If your electronics are no longer usable, take a look at our schedule to find the next HHW/E-Waste Roundup in your area.

How do you dispose of batteries in Westchester County?

If the battery cannot be removed, the entire product may be brought to a local drop-off site or residents may bring these items to the Household Material Recovery Facility. All RadioShack, Home Depot and Lowe’s stores accept (free of charge and no purchase necessary) rechargeable batteries.

Does NYC sanitation pick up TVs?

Items we will collect curbside include computers, TVs and other electronics covered by the New York State ban. Residents wishing to take advantage of the program can simply request a pickup using the form below.

How do I get rid of furniture Westchester?

Furniture Sharehouse provides free furniture to economically disadvantaged individuals and families living in Westchester. Visit their Web site for information on how to donate furniture and other household items.

How do I dispose of a mattress in Westchester NY?

For the best in Hudson Valley or Westchester Mattress Disposal, simply call 1-800 995 JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today.

How do I donate furniture to Westchester?

Residents can call the toll-free number 1-877-399-2570 to arrange for free home pickup of donated household items. To schedule a pick-up online go to www.bbbsdonate.org. There are also drop-off bins will placed throughout Westchester.

How do I dispose of a mattress in Harrison NY?

Bulk trash is collected on Wednesday’s. An appointment must be scheduled with the Sanitation Dispatcher when disposing of any item that is metal, electronics, or appliances. All other non-restricted household items can be left curbside without scheduling an appointment.

How do I dispose of gas in Westchester NY?

The Household Material Recovery Facility (H-MRF) accepts household hazardous waste and other items worthy of special handling from Westchester County residents year-round.

Are milk cartons recyclable in Westchester County NY?

Westchester County Department of Environmental Facilities

Curbside Recycling Guide are available to understand what types of cardboard, plastics, glass, metal, and cartons can be recycled in Westchester: Our Recycle Right Brochure describing County recycling procedures is available for home printing.

How do I dispose of old gas in NYC?

Safe Disposal Never dispose of gasoline at the curb or down the drain . Pick-Up . Contact an appropriate private hazardous/chemical waste company. DSNY Drop-Off .

Is 2 year old gasoline still good?

Degradation occurs from the get-go but most gas stays fresh for a month or two without issue. However, gas that is more than two month old is generally OK to use with only minor decreases in performance. Gas that is older than a year can cause issues, like engine knocking, sputtering and clogged injectors.

Are egg cartons recyclable NYC?

Plastic Items That Can’t Be Recycled

Styrofoam/plastic foam items (foam cups, foam egg cartons, foam trays, foam packing peanuts, foam sporting equipment, etc.) Tubes (toothpaste, lotion, cosmetics, etc.)

Can I mix old gas with new gas?

Old and new gas should not be mixed for a variety of reasons, the major ones are; The old gas degrades over time it should not be added because it has already lost it’s combustibility. It can cause sputtering. It might fail to fire it up.

What happens when a car sits for 2 years?

The tires can go flat.

But when a car is left to sit, they can become warped, flat and deflated. Definitely check your tires’ air pressure before you resume driving. Bubbles may even appear in the tire and could cause a blowout while driving at high speeds.

Can I use gas that’s been sitting all winter?

If your gas has been stored in the tank itself, then it is most likely to have gone bad and thus cannot be used. However, if you store it properly in an airtight container, then the lifespan of the gasoline can be extended upto 6 months. As a result, you may be able to use the gasoline after the winter.