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Green Travel — By Stephanie on August 3, 2010 at 6:16 am
14 300x225 Green Hotel Bathrooms

These leaf-shaped soaps are made from all-natural ingredients

No matter where you stay when you travel, its hard to deny the fact that excess waste is produced, and energy needs are probably higher than when you stay at home.  Even the most eco-friendly hotels have to work hard to minimize their carbon footprint.

Little measures do add up, however.  Greening hotel bathrooms is one way to reduce the environmental impact of travel.

With four kids that are involved in sports, we travel frequently for baseball tournaments, gymnastics meets, and more.  Last month, we stayed at a hotel (the Resort at the Mountain, near Mt. Hood Oregon) that included soaps made from all-natural ingredients (no chemicals or preservatives).  In addition, the small containers of shampoo, conditioner and lotion were bottled in corn-based, biodegradable packaging.

As explained on the Resort’s website:

“The Resort’s Housekeeping team stocks guest bathrooms with Green Natüra body wash, shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer. The eco-friendly amenities are environmentally safe and packaged in biodegradable bottles made primarily from a corn-based plastarch material (PSM), which reduces environmental impact and promotes a sustainable future. The innovative ergonomically shaped, waste reducing soap was designed to eliminate the unused center of traditional soap bars. The soap carton is made from natural recycled packaging and printed with soy based inks. All Green Natüra products are cruelty-free and contain no animal fat or byproducts.”

13 300x225 Green Hotel Bathrooms

Biodegradable bottles for your hotel toiletries!

Beyond the soap and shampoo, this hotel had plush towels made from bamboo with excellent absorption qualities and – like other items in the bathroom – are 100% biodegradable.  Guests have the option of asking for new towels (leaving them on the floor or in the bath tub), or saving the energy required for washing and drying by replacing towels on the rack and re-using them.

Low-flow showerheads and low-flow toilets also minimize water use.  Not that you’ll notice a difference!   You’ll feel just as clean and fresh as you would with traditional models.

Given how green these hotel bathrooms are, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that the rest of the resort hotel is also environmentally-sensitive.  Its 27-hole golf course is a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary.  The Resort at the Mountain also has worked to repair salmon and steelhead habitats in the area in two projects: the Wee Burn Stream Restoration Project and the on-going Salmon River Side Channel Enhancement Project.

You don’t need to stay at the Resort at the Mountain to experience green hotel bathrooms.  However, properties like this one certainly set the green standard high!

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