Dubai’s Airline Goes Green

Green Travel — By Stephanie on July 24, 2010 at 3:04 am
emirates airlines Dubais Airline Goes Green

Emirates Airline has made some changes to go green

We’ve blogged about the giant carbon footprint of taking a plane flight.  Yet, instead of entirely giving up on this mode of travel (and let’s face it, most of us will not stop flying), why not explore how an airline can go green?

In the UAE, Dubai’s airline, Emirates Airline, has been working to become a green airline.  In a region that is fueled largely by oil fortunes, it might come as a surprise to you.  But visit Dubai these days, and you’ll see that, regardless of the extravagant lifestyle of many people there, there is still a sensitivity to environmental resources.

Since early 2009, the Emirates Airline has been taking the following steps for a greener, more environmentally-friendly flight:

  • Agreements with Russia, Iceland and Canada were negotiated so that a more efficient polar route – which takes less time and less fuel – between North America and the Middle East could be achieved.
  • Planes that are parked in Dubai are plugged in so that they rely on electricity rather than fuel.
  • Air traffic controllers in Dubai grant priority to landing of large jets in order to cut down on fuel-wasting holding patterns.
  • The Emirates Boeing 777 aircraft is washed with a silicone-based liquid prior to takeoff in order to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency.
  • Emirates Airlines recycles its cabin waste, separating out glass, paper and metals to send to recycling plants for re-purposing.

Of course, when you arrive in Dubai, you’ll be able to marvel at the new Dubai airport.  Some of the improvements are already open to the public and the rest will be ready for your enjoyment in early 2011.

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