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Purple Wind Turbines?


Could the answer to bird strikes caused by generating wind energy be solved with paint?  Purple wind turbines is a new proposal based on a study published in the European Journal of Wildlife Research, as reported recently on the BBC. Huh?  How could the color of the blades reduce the danger of wind turbines? The [...]

Green Job Market Growing in Kansas


Kansas Wind Farm near Salina If there are two things Kansas has plenty of, it’s  sun and wind– things that used to make life hard for farmers, but that are now powering a new and growing green job market in the Sunflower state.  According to  the Kansas Green Jobs Report, just released by the state [...]

On the Radar: Wind Power and National Security


When it comes to renewable energy, there are a number of considerations beyond the obvious ones (cost, appearance, CO2 emissions saved, etc.)  This may not have been on your radar, but wind power and National Security have had an uneasy co-existence… until now. The U.S. Defense Department has recently announced that the Pentagon is stepping [...]

World’s Largest Wind Farm to be Constructed in Oregon

World’s Largest Wind Farm to be Constructed in Oregon

This week, General Electric (GE) announced a huge renewable energy deal right here in my home state of Oregon. $1.4 billion will go to supply over 300 wind turbines for the largest wind farm in the world – the Shepards Flat Wind Farm – which will be owned and operated by Caithness Energy. In just [...]

Improving Wind Power Efficiency

Improving wind power efficiency is one of the primary hurdles to making wind energy a successful and viable alternative energy source.  This is because wind speeds can vary even more greatly than the strength of ultraviolet light (required for solar power).  We cannot control the wind – darn it anyway – so what can be [...]

Central Oregon Wind Farm Generating Controversy

The Central Oregon area in which I live is gorgeous.  Snow capped mountains to the west, sparkling blue skies about 300 days a year (yes, we are lucky), Ponderosa pine trees and plenty of wildlife.  Its also frequently windy here.  A perfect place to site a wind farm, right? Maybe not, if you believe the [...]

Wind Energy in the Northwest

It has been said that the strength and viability of renewable energy alternatives in the Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho) is comparable to the power of Silicon Valley with respect to computers. The area is flush with sunshine, running waters and wind. In Oregon, in particular, wind energy has made news with the story that the [...]