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Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program

Matschies Tree Kangaroo

The adorable Tree Kangaroo (the Matschie species is shown to the left) is threatened worldwide due to loss of habitat.  Found primarily in the rain forests of Papua New Guinea, logging, mining and development are stripping the forests of their trees and with them, the homes of the Tree Kangaroo. Efforts to save the Tree [...]

Wild Horse Rescue: Equine Outreach


We’ve written several times about saving wild horses from federal government efforts to round them up and auction the animals – often times to meat buyers or rodeo stock contractors. Here in Central Oregon, you can spot herds of the animals on or near the vast expanses of range land throughout the region.  The beautiful [...]

Out-Foxing the Trampoline?


We just love this video of a couple of playful foxes jumping on a trampoline in an England backyard.  They look like they’re having so much fun, its impossible to watch without smiling: Credit goes to the owner of the trampoline, Samron, for the video. Credit also goes to the pair of wild foxes for [...]

Become a Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator


Do you love animals?  Want to work out in the field in native wildlife habitat? Instead of becoming a veterinarian or wildlife biologist, you could make a difference with wildlife rehabilitation training.  Talk about the ultimate green job!  If you want to make a direct difference in conserving and protecting wildlife species, this could be [...]

Elk Species Rebounds from Near-Extinction


Recently, we’ve learned of some wildlife news that’s just Peachy!  An elk species that was down to only two animals just about 100 years ago, has rebounded from near-extinction. The Tule Elk, a subspecies of elk, lives only in California.  In the late 1800s, the impact of the Gold Rush brought these animals to the [...]

North American Wildlife (Paperback)

Nature writing and photography at their exciting best. North America’s wildlife have endured the challenges put to them — human encroachment, changing climates, and increased pollution — with new trials forcing them to adapt as best they can. Their struggles and remarkable strategies are chronicled in North American Wildlife. Complementing the compelling writing of David [...]

David Attenborough Wildlife Specials Wildlife Specials is a bounty of BBC wildlife documentaries hosted by David Attenborough, who performed similar duties with the fantastic, 1993 Life In the Freezer. Wildlife Specials consists of six outstanding works focusing on different animals in their natural habitats. Eagles shows us a wide variety of the remarkable, predatory bird in North America, [...]

4 Animal Videos To Make You Smile

4 Animal Videos To Make You Smile

It’s Friday, and I have been ordered to take the day off so I can prepare for my daughter’s upcoming birthday. But before I do, I wanted to share these animal videos to make you smile on this Friday afternoon. Lately I feel like we’ve been slamming our readers with tough images regarding animal cruelty, [...]

Polar Bears in Peril

With John McCain’s naming of Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate last month, the nation has taken a crash course in trying to figure out exactly who this self-proclaimed “hockey mom” is, and where she stands on important national issues. Whether or not you believe she opposed the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere,” one thing [...]