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All-Weather Renewable Energy System

Can you imagine an all-weather renewable energy system?

Most of us are for renewable energy that doesn’t cost much, does not pollute the planet, and doesn’t incite wars to protect oil interests.  Yet, many resources are not consistent or constant, which limits their effectiveness. Solar power requires UV light, wind power needs to have breezy conditions.  But what if there was an all-weather [...]

Sharp Electronics Expands into the Solar Energy Business


For some time now, Sharp Electronics has been producing solar panels through its Sharp Solar Energy Solutions Group division.  But now the corporation is looking to expand into the solar energy business too. Last week, Sharp put out a press release announcing the acquisition of California-based Recurrent Energy.  Recurrent has developed and marketed utility scale [...]

Get a Charge Out of Portable Solar Power


Back to school shopping time!  One item that should be on the list for any student that is “plugged in” to their electronic devices is a portable solar power charger. Think about it – we spend a lot of time and energy recharging our cell phones, computers, mP3 players, GPS devices, etc.  But you can [...]

Portable Solar Power Is Only Natural

Portable Solar Power Is Only Natural

Think you need silicon-based solar cells, exposed in direct sunlight, to generate solar energy?  Its time to re-think traditional thinking with new solar cells that imitate Mother Nature’s photosynthesis process.  Dye-sensitized solar cells are a thin, flexible technology that can be applied on many surfaces from e-book readers to iPods, handbags and backpacks – even [...]

Capturing Solar Energy with Low-Cost Materials

At my home, saving money is almost everything.  Yes, we want to live green.  Yes, we want to lower our carbon footprint.  But tell us how to capture solar energy with low-cost materials…. and….. well, you had me at “low-cost.” Truth be told, cost is often cited as a major pitfall when it comes to [...]

Ford Motor Company Recycles Plant into Renewable Energy Park

While Ford Motor Company continues to weather the auto manufacturing crisis, it is also helping to lead Michigan out of the recession with green jobs and opportunities.  Last week, the auto-making giant announced that it entered into a partnership under which a Ford plant no longer being used to manufacture vehicles will be converted into [...]