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How Net Metering Rewards Owners of Solar Panels

Net Metering Rewards People Who own Solar Panels

Have you heard about net metering?  Generally speaking, its the practice  – allowed by some utilities – of “turning back” your power meter when you generate more renewable electricity than you can use at the time. Let’s say you have solar panels on your home.  When you feed extra solar electricity into the grid, your [...]

Solar Panels Power State Prisons in Colorado

Solar panels installed at the Ironwood Correctional Facility

With states across the U.S. looking for ways to balance budgets and save money, the Colorado prison system could just be the model for cutting operational costs for the expensive institutions. To date, nine state prisons in Colorado have installed photovoltaic (PV) solar panel arrays to generate solar electricity.  Reducing reliance on grid-based power is [...]

Lead the Way With Home Solar in Your Neighborhood


Neighbors often try to “one-up” each other, whether with fancy landscaping, new paint, or holiday light displays.  But what if you could encourage a positive change for the block – or even the planet – with renewable energy? Why not lead the way with home solar in your neighborhood? I’ve seen this social experiment happen [...]

How Does Snow Affect Solar Power?

Removing snow from solar panels

After the extreme snow and ice storms covering 30 states in the U.S., probably the last thing on your mind is solar energy.  But many people have solar panels on their homes or businesses which are responsible for some, if not all, the power used on a daily basis.  If you’ve installed solar panels on [...]

Eagles Going Green At Lincoln Financial Field

Artist's rendering of the "greener" Lincoln Financial Field

In a time when the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement is going to come into full focus with the topic of money being the big difference on both sides of the table, one team is looking for a greener way to make – or save – some green. The Philadelphia Eagles, who were among many Super [...]

Solar Energy Hot Zones in the United States


Do you live in a solar energy “hot” zone in the United States?   The U.S. Department of the Interior has developed a renewable energy plan that identifies 24 areas within California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah that have the potential of generating vast amounts of solar power, with minimal environmental and wildlife impact. [...]

More Middle Class Homeowners Considering Solar


With solar panels falling in price, government incentives and rebates still robust, and growing concern about continued use of non-renewable (and polluting) energy resources, is it any wonder that more middle class homeowners are considering solar? Perhaps not. But get this statistic from One Block Off the Grid: 42% of upper middle class homeowners are [...]

Solar Plane in Flight!


We’ve enthusiastically shared the story about the experimental solar plane, the Solar Impulse, conceived by world-renowned balloonist Betrand Piccard.  Well, now we’re excited to tell you that the Solar Impulse took off hours ago from Geneva, Switzerland, on a 24-hour journey. If the flight is successful, the Solar Impulse team and its supporters believe that [...]

Solar Paint – A Fresh Coat of Energy

Can you really decorate yourself into lower energy bills? That’s what researchers in the UK are hoping with their solar paint! Steel sheets coated with photovoltaic paint may be the wave of the future, answering concerns that some have regarding conventional PV panels that are constructed with silicon. Solar paint incorporates dye molecules that literally [...]

Lease Your Rooftop for Solar Energy

For at least a decade, real estate owners have been leasing the prime space on top of their buildings to utilities. One of the most popular uses for the vast, unused space is to lease roof area to telecommunications companies for installation of antennas, batteries and other equipment for cellular communications. The same can now [...]

Made in the Shade

Made in the Shade

Probably one of the most misunderstood features of solar panels is whether they function on cloudy or rainy days. The short and simple answer is a surprising YES! Plastic solar cells have been developed to be able to create electricity from solar energy no matter the weather outside. Of course, the biggest bang for the [...]

Teach Your Kids About Solar Energy

If your children are like mine, they are naturally curious and interested in their environment. Kids over the age of 6 or 7 probably hear the same news stories that we do, including information on global warming and soaring gas prices. Fortunately, with as many dire predictions as there are, renewable energy sources such as [...]

Solar Energy Empowers Women

I have a tough life. I often think being a suburban mom of three is the most difficult job in the world. My job has,in fact, sent a good many women running to their doctors for a hefty dose of Prozac and a few others to the bottle hiding in a high kitchen cabinet. You [...]