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New Programmable Thermostat for the iPhone Generation


You probably already know that one of the easiest ways to lower your energy costs and save money is to install and use a programmable thermostat. Yet, many homeowners have not made the switch, in part because of the hassle and… well… because they don’t want to learn how to use a new gadget that [...]

Top 10 Ways to Save Energy at Home


Looking to trim your utility bills?  Its easy with a few simple steps! Once you cut your energy and water consumption, your bills will be reduced.  Its a simple equation: save energy and save money. Here are the top 10 ways to save energy at home: 1.    Install a programmable thermostat.  Instead of trying to [...]

Setting a Green UP Example this Fall

Green kids all season long!

It’s no secret to parents that our children are watching our each and every move.  Tie that to the fact that their minds are running at a constant speed of 100 miles an hour, and more often or not (whether we like it or not), they’re going to ask us “why?”  “Why are you doing [...]

Home Energy Monitors Save Energy and Money

Home Energy Monitor (image from tristanf on Flickr)

You probably already know that cutting your electricity bills is as simple as adjusting your thermostat, washing laundry in cold water and unplugging devices when you leave for the day.  But just how much are you saving?  Could you save more? With a home energy monitor, you can save energy and money by visually tracking [...]

Reduce Your Air Conditioning Energy Usage

Keep your house cool and save some cool cash

With summer right around the corner (trust me on this), its time to consider how to reduce your air conditioning energy usage.  Did you realize that A/C alone is responsible for 15% of all energy consumption in the U.S.?  That requires close to the equivalent of the amount of fossil fuels the entire continent of [...]

Warm Up Your Car Without Wasting Energy


Baby, its cold outside!  Winter is here and that often means a freezing cold, iced over vehicle to get into in the morning. If your daily habit includes starting the ignition and leaving the car idling while you grab the rest of your things inside, you are doing more than just wasting gas.  When you [...]

Starbucks is Saving Millions in Energy Costs by Switching to LED Lighting


In a classic example of how small changes can add up to a big difference, Starbucks Coffee Company can expect to save millions of dollars in operational costs by switching to LED lighting in 7,000 of its stores in Canada and the United States.  With Starbucks replacing the incandescent and halogen light bulbs in its [...]

Eco-Friendly Small Homes


Its intuitive that living in a smaller home can help save energy.  Tiny homes have made quite a splash the past few years as a backlash to the McMansions that sprung up across the United States in the mid-2000s, taking up vast amounts of land and then driving up the rate of foreclosures when the [...]

Wasting Food Wastes Energy

Food Waste 2

Its such a simple idea, its almost embarrassing to have to blog about it.  News flash: wasting food wastes energy. Here in the U.S., it is generally consumption, consumption, consumption.  Even a terrible recession has hardly cooled our jets. Fast food is making us fat and clogging the atmosphere with carbon emissions.  But, if we [...]

Smart Energy Control Units Educate Consumers and Save Power


Just like a dieter needs to keep track of food consumption, if you are looking to save energy and reduce home energy use, a smart energy control unit can educate you on your energy habits and help you cut back. In fact, with devices like the Wattbox and Microsoft Hohm, households have seen an immediate [...]

5 Ways to Green Your Back to School Routine

school bus + kids

Its September now, which means back to school for millions of kids!  Some districts and universities have already started classes, with others beginning over the next few weeks. While there is certainly a lot of organization and paperwork this time of year, we have 5 ways to green your back to school routine. Save energy, [...]

8 Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money


No matter what shade of “green” you may consider yourself to be (perhaps not even a hint of the hue), we all want to have more spending cash.  Its simple when you consider these 8 easy ways to save energy and money! I have a friend who thinks that its silly to try to reduce [...]

Hohm Sweet Hohm

Hohm Sweet Hohm

A new, free service from Microsoft will have you tracking the energy use at your own Hohm sweet Hohm. No – its not a typo.  “Hohm,” which is pronounced “home,” is an easy, online tool that you can use to help you save energy and manage your home energy usage.  And yes – there is [...]

Install a Solar Clothes Dryer

Want to save 10% on your energy costs each month?  You don’t need to purchase solar panels or make a major investment.  In fact, you can install a solar clothes dryer in a matter of hours (if not less).  The only thing you need to do is to check to make sure that your city/town/homeowners [...]

20 Tips for Do-it-Yourself Energy Savings

The weather is cooling down and many people may start to worry about their heating bills this winter.  While you should definitely be concerned, its time to take action!  Do-it yourself energy savings are generally easy and inexpensive, but the money you can save will really add up. The following are our top 20 tips [...]