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How Net Metering Rewards Owners of Solar Panels

Net Metering Rewards People Who own Solar Panels

Have you heard about net metering?  Generally speaking, its the practice  – allowed by some utilities – of “turning back” your power meter when you generate more renewable electricity than you can use at the time. Let’s say you have solar panels on your home.  When you feed extra solar electricity into the grid, your [...]

Wave Energy Project Off the Oregon Coast

Wave energy to harness the power of the tides

Do you live near the Ocean?  Have you considered the power of the waves…. just waiting for us to tap into the clean, renewable energy! Although I live about 300 miles from the West Coast of Oregon, we love to visit the ocean several times a year.  The roar of the waves outside the window [...]

Rising Gas Prices Encourage Use of Alternative Energy

AP Oil at 120

A few years ago, we published an article regarding the impact of rising gas prices on the use of alternative energy.  The blip was short-lived at the time, but now, with resources becoming more scarce and chaos in the Middle East rising, more people are thinking about ways to save at the pump. Prices for [...]

Is Algae the Future of Biofuels?

Algae as biofuel

Rising gas prices – said to soon hit $4/gallon here in the U.S. – have people talking again about biofuels and biodiesel.  The idea of growing our own gas is generally thought to be a good alternative, until people start worrying about the impact of taking corn, soybeans and other crops that would otherwise be [...]

Carbon-Free Cookies from Kraft Canada

Bullfrog Power partners with Kraft Canada to make carbon-free Dad's Cookies (MARKETWIRE photo)

If you are a smart consumers that examines labels before purchase, you might be looking for low-fat or low-carb options in the snack aisle.  But what about carbon-free? That’s right!  When it comes to manufacturing mass-produced treats, why not choose a company that uses green energy to cut its carbon footprint? Carbon-free cookies from Kraft [...]

Wind Power Jobs in UK Up 91 Percent


In just three years, the number of wind power jobs in the UK is up 91 percent.  A recent report by RenewableUK stated that staff members employed full-time on green energy wind projects increased from 4,800 in 2007 to about 9,200 in 2010. With the recent completion of the world’s largest wind farm in the [...]

What is Our Energy Future?

US Department of Energy Logo

The New York Times Green Blog published a post a few weeks ago that we thought was worth summarizing and referencing here.  In “The Energy Future Ain’t What it Used To Be,” author Matthew W. Wald explains how the momentum towards shifting from coal and gas to renewable energy may be slowing, and why. Drawing [...]

Get a Green Job in the New Year


With the New Year, hopes are rising once again that the economy will turn around and unemployment numbers will drop (that and that the housing crisis will improve).  If you have been unemployed or under employed, 2011 could be your year to get a green job. Green jobs cover a broad spectrum of positions from [...]

Purple Wind Turbines?


Could the answer to bird strikes caused by generating wind energy be solved with paint?  Purple wind turbines is a new proposal based on a study published in the European Journal of Wildlife Research, as reported recently on the BBC. Huh?  How could the color of the blades reduce the danger of wind turbines? The [...]

Renewable Energy Developing in Fiji


I just returned from a week in the Fiji Islands, in the South Pacific. The 333-island archipelago is located east of New Zealand and Australia and southwest of Hawaii, with only about 100 islands inhabited.  The entire population is less than 900,000. Renewable energy has been developing in Fiji for some time now.   In fact, [...]

The Park Spark Project: Using Pooch Poop for the Public Good


Its taken years to get pet owners to clean up after their dogs (I still have to dodge small sidewalk bombs on my morning runs).  But in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the city is encouraging people to dump dog waste into a specially designed holding tank where it will be converted into methane to power a street [...]

New Technology to Power Hydrogen Fuel Cells


An alternative energy company based right here in my hometown of Bend, Oregon called “Element One,” recently announced plans to use new technology to power hydrogen fuel cells.  It will soon be mass-marketing a device that can create hydrogen from a mixture of water and methanol (also known as wood alcohol). The cool part?  The [...]

Greenasium: Power Your Own Exercise Equipment!


I am a huge fitness buff and when I’m not running outdoors, I enjoy the treadmill and indoor bicycle trainer.  Regular gyms require a lot of electricity and other energy to operate.  But at a new San Diego gym – Greenasium – patrons can both burn calories and power the gym.  There are 3 specialized [...]

Atmospheric Electricity to Power Your Home?


Electricity is in the air!  You know this is true, each time you witness a thunderstorm with bolts of lightening filling the skies.  But could you use atmospheric electricity to power your home? Researchers are working on technology that could someday draw electricity from thin air.  Building on centuries of research, theories and analysis in [...]

Paying for Utilities to Generate Green Power


Are you connected to the grid?  Pay reasonable electricity bills each month?  That could soon change. As more and more states adopt renewable portfolio standards, utilities are being forced to invest in renewable energy in order to comply (i.e. 20% renewable energy by 2020).  European countries are doing the same thing.  Burning coal is on [...]