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Eco-Friendly Luggage from Recycled Airline Seats and Fabrics

Love this eco-friendly luggage!

We were so excited to find eco-friendly luggage and other items, including business card holders, wallets and handbags made from recycled airline seats and fabrics. Tierra Ideas, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, creates the products below using leather aircraft seat covers, aircraft fabrics, aircraft curtains, tire inner tubes and more: BUSINESS CARD HOLDER /// Made [...]

Reuse Instead of Recycling Junk Mail


Every day, its there waiting for you.  Junk mail. If you’re like me, you probably don’t even take it into the house, just swing by the recycling bin and toss it in. But what if you could reuse instead of recycling junk mail?  Save the energy that it takes to recycle the 100 billion or [...]

Cash In By Recycling Old Electronics


With new gadgets and electronic devices coming out faster than you can keep up with in the news, you probably have heard the public service announcements urging you to recycle your old ones. From televisions sets to computers, cell phones to mP3 players, you’ll want to properly dispose of outdated and unwanted electronics to keep [...]

New Ways to Recycle Old Newspapers


The photo on the left is of a model sampan made by an inmate in an Indonesian jail.  It is completely constructed from carefully rolled up pieces of newspaper.  While there may be less and less newsprint to recycle as the worlds of  journalism and literature go more and more electronic, paper still accounts for [...]

Buying New Electronics? Recycle Your Old Ones!


Now that its almost Christmas, its time to consider what you are doing with your gifts.  No, not the brand new ones.  I’m talking about the computers, cell phones, video game consoles, and mP3 players you received 2 or 3 years ago that are now obsolete. If there’s one thing I hate about electronics is [...]

Recycled Cigarette Butts Transformed into Hot Threads


Talk about a Phoenix rising from the ashes.  Quite literally, one designer has taken discarded cigarette butts and transformed them from trash into treasure.  Alexandra Guerrero, from Chile, created eco-friendly fashion statements from a not-so-healthy habit.  The designer came up with the idea to recycle cigarette butts into hot threads while writing a graduate thesis. [...]

Plastic Bag Upcycle From The DIY Diva

Finished fish pillow-thumb-304x395-239580

We’ve talked a lot here at Peachy Green about how bad  plastic bags are for the environment and we’ve also  pushed the idea of  re-purposing and up-cycling whatever you can, but it took The DIY Diva to put both ideas together and offer a very cool, easy way to make awesome throw pillows out of [...]

Old Library Books Get New Life


I love books, especially old books.  Books have always been my dear friends and are tucked away in every nook and cranny of my house, so of course I was enthralled when I came across a library that is giving new life to some old books by repurposing them as furniture– in this case a [...]

Why Don’t People Recycle?

Why Don’t People Recycle?

Its a question I ask myself when I watch a teenager toss a soda can in the trash, or my neighbors burn (yes BURN) their newspapers.  Why don’t people recycle? Is it because they don’t care?  Or maybe its just too much hassle.  Perhaps those that don’t recycle fail to realize the amount of energy [...]

Top Green Changes of 2009

While its time to look forward to 2010, I firmly believe that making New Year’s Resolutions also includes celebrating the successes of the previous year.  I will also admit that I personally still have a “green” journey ahead of me in the future, but we did make some significant strides in 2009. Tomorrow, we’ll post [...]

We’re All in This Together

After a summer at home with my four kids, we have a new teamwork approach!  I cannot tell you how many times I heard complaints that, “I didn’t make that mess,” or “its not my responsibility,” when asking my children to help clean up around the house.  They range in age from 6-11, but they [...]

Understanding Single Stream Recycling

A few years back, I took my girls to The Garbage Museum, in Stratford CT. Don’t worry, I take them to all kinds museums and this one sounds much worse then it really is. It is actually quite amazing. I learned so much from watching the process of recycling and was completely disgusted by the [...]

Dumpster Diving For Greenies

First off, before you get any ideas, I have to admit that I have never taken a dive into a dumpster and it is highly unlikely that I ever will. That being said, the idea of dumpster diving is peachy green and if you want to give it a shot and save things from the [...]