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Experts Predict Electric Vehicle Surge in 2011


In a recently published study experts predict an electric vehicle surge in 2011. The report issued by Zpryme Research and Consulting, and sponsored by Airbiquity indicates that enthusiasts of plug-in electric vehicles will… er… “drive” the market rapidly forward. Within 5 years, more than three-quarters of a million EVs will be on U.S. roads. Even [...]

Eco-Friendly Charging of Electric Vehicles


You might have heard a lot about electric cars this year, especially with the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf hitting the market.  But how much of a benefit to the environment are EVs?  After all, isn’t most electricity from fossil fuels? Fortunately, eco-friendly charging of electric vehicles is possible and practicable!  The U.S. is actually [...]

EV Awareness Day in Portland Oregon


Thanks to a tip from a loyal Peachy Green reader, I’m excited to announce an event right here in my backyard.  EV Awareness Day will be held next Saturday, July 10, 2010, in Portland Oregon.  Sponsored by the Oregon Electric Vehicle Association, this summer showcase displays a number of electric cars and other vehicles that [...]