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Where Has Your Produce Been? Track Food Safety with Leaf Locator


Smart consumers not only look for organic produce, but they also track food safety with new technology, called the Leaf Locator.  Born in the wake of the 2006 E. coli scare from spinach grown in California, shoppers now want to know where their produce has been.  In other words, they want to be able to [...]

Tasty Peach Cobbler

You know what we’ve never posted about here at Peachy Green?  Peaches!  I’d say better late than never, particularly as the golden fruit is at the peak of its season in the Northern Hemisphere.  I made tasty peach cobbler last night, which inspired me to write about this delicious dessert – and how we made [...]

The Farm Next Door: Urban Animal Husbandry

The Farm Next Door: Urban Animal Husbandry

As an outgrowth of the local food movement, some people are not just growing their food – they are raising their own livestock.  Urban animal husbandry is on the rise across the nation, from Seattle to Saginaw.  Today in American living rooms, you may now find a pygmy goat snuggled up next to the family [...]

Vote for the Best Farmers Market

As you may know, I live in beautiful Bend, Oregon.  Here in my hometown, there are 3 “official” farmers markets each week during the summer months (June-October), plus a “Saturday Market,” which includes arts and crafts and perhaps even a display from the Humane Society if you want to adopt a new friend. If you [...]

Plant a Victory Garden

Plant a Victory Garden

Want to save money?  Why not plant a Victory Garden?  Although the concept was born nearly 100 years ago, many people have re-adopted the idea of growing their own food as “victory” over the recession.  Back in the 1930s and 1940s, “Victory Gardens” were grown by the wives of soldiers serving in WWI and WWII.  [...]

Grow Your Own Garden

Nothing tastes better than homegrown tomatoes in summertime!  When you grow your own garden, you know exactly what is going into the fruits and vegetables you harvest yourself.  Plus, you pick them at the peak of ripeness when flavor.  Even the White House is installing a vegetable garden! The local food movement is hot these [...]

Eat Green!

Mom used to always say, “Eat your greens,” but today her advice instead may be “Eat green!” Its true.  Your food choices and how you shop at the grocery store can have an impact on the planet.  But you don’t have to convert to vegetarianism to make a positive difference (though that would help too). [...]