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Living Green: Is Your Dog Worse than an SUV?

Fido may be friendly, but is he eco-friendly?

Because you are here reading this blog, you probably have a pretty good idea of your carbon footprint and make conscious decisions for a sustainable lifestyle.  Yet, you might be as surprised as me to find out that owning a dog could be worse for the environment than driving an SUV! Robert and Brenda Vale [...]

My Place: Planet Green Entertains Kids With Educational Videos


Kids love to watch cartoons.  So, what better way to teach children the benefits of living green than with entertaining, educational videos?  My Place is a series of short films produced by Planet Green that help illustrate why we should recycle, limit light pollution, commute on bicycles, and much more. Will your kids respond better [...]

Old Library Books Get New Life


I love books, especially old books.  Books have always been my dear friends and are tucked away in every nook and cranny of my house, so of course I was enthralled when I came across a library that is giving new life to some old books by repurposing them as furniture– in this case a [...]

8 Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money


No matter what shade of “green” you may consider yourself to be (perhaps not even a hint of the hue), we all want to have more spending cash.  Its simple when you consider these 8 easy ways to save energy and money! I have a friend who thinks that its silly to try to reduce [...]

Set a Good Green Example for Your Kids


I had a friend once say to me that “its not what we say, its what we do,” with respect to raising children.  Of course, that all sounds good, but do you ever have a moment when you want to instruct your kids, “do what I say, not as I do”? Some of our most [...]

Going Green for All Ages


Ever wish there was a guide to help you with going green for all ages?  You’re in luck!  From the smallest babies to the most esteemed elderly citizens, we can all do our part to help save the planet.  Living green is easy, once you create a game plan! When it comes to teaching kids [...]

Green Pet Care Tips

If you try to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, have you considered your furry, four-legged friends?  Green pet care can both reduce your carbon footprint and potentially add years to Fido or Fluffy’s life.  There are a number of tips to help you green your pet routine. From food to toys, bedding to vet care, you [...]

Resolving to Go Greener in 2010

Welcome to New Years’ Eve 2009.  The last day of the year, and a time to savor the idea of a fresh start for 2010.  Not only is it a new year, but an entirely new decade! One might be tempted to make really big New Years resolutions under the circumstances.  But, if you want [...]

Grow a Pair for the Planet

Grow a Pair for the Planet

Its hard to believe, but Peachy Green is a year old already!  Last August, three of my friends and I started this blog with its cute, cheeky title.  Instead of the doom and gloom you might normally read with respect to environmental news, we’re focusing on positive things you can do for the Earth, and [...]

How To Live Green

Living green isn’t just good for the earth, but it’s good for your health, too – and can even cut costs! When it comes to saving the world, even the smallest actions can make a big impact. This DVD is packed full of films on how to live a green life. Learn about biodiesel, recycling, [...]

30 Days of Green

30 Days of Green

I love Oprah Magazine.  Really, there is no other publication that I read cover-to-cover, on a regular basis.  In the April issue, I noticed an advertisement by eBay for “30 Days of Green.”  Not only is the promotion a great way to go green, you can also win a $5,000 shopping experience at Seriously.  [...]