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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Peachy Green! We’ve traveled over the meadows and through the woods to Grandmother’s house.  Now, we’re resting for a few days to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Here’s hoping you have a special celebration with love and light!

Winter Flowers for the Holiday Season


I cannot believe that its December already!  If you are decorating your home, why not consider some of these lovely winter flowers for the holiday season?  Even better, these potted plants make a nice hostess gift or thoughtful present for someone who deserves some Christmas cheer. Sure, the poinsettia is a seasonal favorite, but there [...]

5 Things to Do Instead of Shopping Black Friday Sales


Black Friday is the un-official kick-off of the holiday season.  Stores open their doors extremely early (4 or 5 a.m.) and entice shoppers to part with their money with “doorbuster” deals and 1-day only sales. I’m not going to fight the mobs this year.  In fact, I’ve decided that these so-called special prices are not [...]

Plan a Green Holiday Season


Yes, its only September, but I can tell you that before you know it, it will be time to think about the holidays, if you aren’t already doing so!  Personally, I was taken off-guard by the (seemingly) short summer and was surprised when it was time for back to school a few weeks ago. If [...]

A Very Peachy Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!  We are wishing you and yours a very Peachy Christmas and holiday season! Its December 25, and we hope that where ever you are, you are enjoying the day.  No matter your religion or beliefs, the week of the Winter Solstice is time for celebration.  Finally, the days start getting longer [...]

Digging Out After Christmas

Today was the first day in about a week that we were able to get out and really drive around in the Seattle area.  I arrived in town on Friday the 19th to beat a snow storm, which basically poured about 2 feet of snow on the Pacific Northwest from Saturday, on and off through [...]

Environmentally-Friendly Christmas Trees

Ah, the holiday season!  Filled with excesses of all kinds – Christmas cookies, shopping and yes… even egg nog!  But what if you are thinking green this year?  No, not just cold hard cash, which seems to be in short supply these days, but also with respect to your home decor?  Is there such a [...]

10 Solar Gadgets – Green Gifts for the Holidays

10 Solar Gadgets – Green Gifts for the Holidays

I really cannot believe that the holidays are here!  After the last wrapper of Halloween candy is tossed away in the garbage can, its time to start thinking about gifts for the holidays.  Here at Peachy Green, we’ve been brainstorming and doing some of the work for you.  You see, Christmas trees are green, and [...]