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Green Toys Recycle Truck

From the Manufacturer Sort bottles, cans, and paper or just have a blast. Your eco-conscious little one will learn recycling basics while playing with this super cool recycling truck that has a movable recycling bed and open/shut rear door. The awesome eco-design has no metal axles. The Green Toys Recycling Truck is made in the [...]

Green Toys Tea Set Review By using the Green Toys Tea Set, your preschooler can help save the planet one a cup of tea at a time. Designed for children ages three and up, the tea set is made from recycled milk jugs, is FDA approved to eat and drink from, and does not contain BPA, phthalates, or [...]

The Mannahatta Project

The Mannahatta Project is turning back the pages of time.  Have you ever wondered what Manhattan Island looked like before the Dutch arrived in 1609? Hint: it was green– covered with forests, streams, wildlife and with a topography completely unrelated to today’s skyscrapers and concrete canyons. After nearly a decade of research, Eric W. Sanderson [...]

Gaiam Global Warming Energy Saving Action Kit – Large – Green Living

Valued at over $146, Gaiam’s large kit makes it easy to prevent the release of 10,000 lbs. of CO2 with three 60W-equivalent energy-saving CF light bulbs, a 20 oz. stainless steel water bottle (color chosen at random), a solar LED flashlight, a four-pack of rechargeable batteries, our fast charger, a low-flow showerhead, our classic solar [...]

How To Live Green

Living green isn’t just good for the earth, but it’s good for your health, too – and can even cut costs! When it comes to saving the world, even the smallest actions can make a big impact. This DVD is packed full of films on how to live a green life. Learn about biodiesel, recycling, [...]

Gaiam Global Warming Energy Saving Action Kit- Small – Green Living

Valued at over $146, our large kit helps you prevent the release of 10,000 lbs. of CO2 with three 60W-equivalent compact fluorescent (CF) light bulbs, 20-oz. stainless steel water bottle (we’ll select a color for you), solar LED flashlight, four rechargeable batteries, fast charger, low-flow showerhead, solar hat fan and our acclaimed Solar Living Sourcebook. [...]

A New Green Ford

While Chrysler is in bankruptcy and GM is trying desperately to avoid the same fate, Ford is emerging as a new green company nimble enough to adapt and ready to perform globally in a new green economy. Not only is Ford the only one of the three US auto companies that did not take government [...]

Women are Greener than Men

When it comes to the environment, who is the most sensitive – women or men? Perhaps the way the question was phrased made the answer more obvious. But, according to a couple of surveys conducted by Ispos Reid , women are greener than men. For example, men tend to view the labeling of a product [...]

Going Green the Amish Way

Yes, that’s right. The Amish are into renewable energy. They are going green the Amish way. They may shun cell phones, radio and TV, and ride around in black horse drawn buggies(with solar powered lanterns), but they were green long before going green was cool. Back in the 1920′s Amish leaders rejected the notion of [...]

Solar Paint – A Fresh Coat of Energy

Can you really decorate yourself into lower energy bills? That’s what researchers in the UK are hoping with their solar paint! Steel sheets coated with photovoltaic paint may be the wave of the future, answering concerns that some have regarding conventional PV panels that are constructed with silicon. Solar paint incorporates dye molecules that literally [...]