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Setting a Green UP Example this Fall

Green kids all season long!

It’s no secret to parents that our children are watching our each and every move.  Tie that to the fact that their minds are running at a constant speed of 100 miles an hour, and more often or not (whether we like it or not), they’re going to ask us “why?”  “Why are you doing [...]

Green Lunchboxes: Back to School and Year-Round Savings

Green lunchboxes reduce plastic baggie waste

Its back to school time!  Many parents are shelling out big bucks at the store to get their kids ready for the new year – buying pencils, papers and lunchboxes. If you are like me, you probably worry about the cost and environmental impact of multiple plastic sandwich baggies that usually get tossed after a [...]

Green Tree Houses for Kids


Looking for a way to get the kids outside?  Green tree houses are the way to go! Not only is it fun to play outdoors, climb trees and breathe fresh air, but these eco-friendly structures we found at this website by Barbara Butler are simply amazing!  Green tree houses for kids can be custom-made.  There [...]

Greening Up those Kids all Summer Long!

Great ideas for greening your kids throughout the summer

By Jocelyn Anne It’s just about a given that summer is pretty much the best time of the year ever, especially if you’re a kid, but summer is also your chance, (mom & dad!) to not only have a blast with your kids but to take advantage of all that time to show them a [...]

Green Schools Provide Better Learning Environment for Students

Charles Dickens Green School in Vancouver, Canada

Government can save money by building green schools and retrofitting existing ones to be more energy efficient, but did you know that green schools can provide a better learning environment for students? Improved health and productivity are additional benefits that can result from greener schools.  In fact, anecdotal evidence demonstrates that cleaner air, brighter, natural [...]

Magic Bean Wishes: Green Fun for Kids of All Ages


Looking for a unique classroom project, or fun party favor?  Magic Bean Wishes has created a product that will delight kids of all ages and help “grow” an appreciation for the environment. Choose from among several kits – Christmas beans, Fortune telling beans, Aquatic creatures, Zoo animals, Dinosaurs – even wedding or baby shower favors.  [...]

Its Not Mean to be Green: The Musical


Wondering how to teach your kids the importance of living green?  You could lecture them, read a book, or head to a musical! Its Not Mean to be Green, The Musical, is a children’s theater production that is currently touring throughout Northeastern states of the U.S.  Based on the book, “Its Not Mean to be [...]

My Place: Planet Green Entertains Kids With Educational Videos


Kids love to watch cartoons.  So, what better way to teach children the benefits of living green than with entertaining, educational videos?  My Place is a series of short films produced by Planet Green that help illustrate why we should recycle, limit light pollution, commute on bicycles, and much more. Will your kids respond better [...]

Check out the Public Library for Good, Green Entertainment


Welcome to August – the lazy, hazy days of summer!  If your kids are getting bored (like mine), its time to consider something other than movies and video games. Why not check out the public library for good, green entertainment? My four kids have been reading books for the past month or so while school [...]

Set a Good Green Example for Your Kids


I had a friend once say to me that “its not what we say, its what we do,” with respect to raising children.  Of course, that all sounds good, but do you ever have a moment when you want to instruct your kids, “do what I say, not as I do”? Some of our most [...]

Plan a Green Family Picnic


Long summer days and agreeable weather always work up our family’s appetite to eat outdoors.  In fact, picnicking is one of our favorite outdoor activities this time of year!  Fortunately, you can plan a green family picnic that not only incorporates healthy, locally-grown foods, but also minimizes waste, but not the convenience or fun. With [...]

Green Halloween Costume Contest

Calling all boys and girls, ghosts and ghouls… don’t fall for the same, boring Halloween costume ideas from the picked-over racks at your local store.   Not only are they expensive, but they’re soooooo un-original.  Do you really want to look like everyone else on your block?  That’s a scary thought! It doesn’t take a Mad [...]

Fizzys Lunch Lab

PBS KIDS is launching a fun new addition to their online educational collection. Fizzy’s Lunch Lab is a playful web only program designed to encourage healthy eating habits. The priority? Laughter is key. Funny characters, brief video clips and interactive games will keep kids coming back for seconds – in a good way! To encourage [...]

Let’s Take a Ride in an Electric Car

The indie/pop group,”They Might Be Giants,” has turned in recent years to entertaining children with unique songs and videos.  Not since “Schoolhouse Rock” have educational tunes been so engaging. As a proponent of electric cars, I was especially thrilled to find a new music video which illustrates the benefits of plug-in vehicles to youngsters. Fun [...]

Summer Means Green Kids!

If you’re like me, you want to find some fun, healthy things to do with your kids that are both ec0-friendly and help save you money.  What parent wants to plug in their child in front of the TV or video-console all season? In my house, summer means green kids!  This is what we’ve been [...]