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Wind Power Jobs in UK Up 91 Percent


In just three years, the number of wind power jobs in the UK is up 91 percent.  A recent report by RenewableUK stated that staff members employed full-time on green energy wind projects increased from 4,800 in 2007 to about 9,200 in 2010. With the recent completion of the world’s largest wind farm in the [...]

Get a Green Job in the New Year


With the New Year, hopes are rising once again that the economy will turn around and unemployment numbers will drop (that and that the housing crisis will improve).  If you have been unemployed or under employed, 2011 could be your year to get a green job. Green jobs cover a broad spectrum of positions from [...]

Green Job Market Growing in Kansas


Kansas Wind Farm near Salina If there are two things Kansas has plenty of, it’s  sun and wind– things that used to make life hard for farmers, but that are now powering a new and growing green job market in the Sunflower state.  According to  the Kansas Green Jobs Report, just released by the state [...]

Central Oregon Hoping for Green Jobs Grants

Here on the High Desert in Central Oregon, unemployment is at a staggering 16-18%.  Oregon has the fourth highest unemployment rate in the nation.  With the boom and explosive growth the area experienced in the early 2000s, things have dried so fast that the local school district experienced a lower enrollment of students for the [...]

Despite Recession, Green Means Go in Oregon

While my home state may suffer from one of the worst unemployment rates in the nation, still… despite the recession, green means go in Oregon!  That’s right, green jobs are red hot here in the Beaver State. The primary reason why its hip to be green in Oregon is the fact that wind energy and [...]

Green Garbage Jobs

We’ve blogged about InEnTec here on Peachy Green last year.  Now, the company, based in Bend Oregon, has announced a joint venture with Houston-based Waste Management, Inc. that will result in green garbage jobs across the nation.  The new business venture, called S4 Energy Solutions LLC, is based in Houston, but with an office in [...]

Support the American Clean Energy and Security Act

Support the American Clean Energy and Security Act

Want to do something to help address climate change right now?  You can! The RePower America campaign is asking for support of the American Clean Energy and Security Act currently being considered in Congress.  Al Gore is specifically asking for each of us to get 10 people to support clean energy legislation within the week. [...]

Obama’s Green Agenda “Begins With Jobs”

I am writing this post as I watch the first address by President Obama to a joint session of Congress.  While the President garnered many standing ovations over the hour of his speech, applause rang loud and long when he declared that his agenda “begins with jobs.” And what jobs are we talking about?  Installing [...]

A Green Economy

Turn on the news these days and all you’ll hear about is the economy – stock market losses, banks failing, unemployment on the rise. Surely there are tough times ahead. Some skeptics say that the current economic crisis is no time to talk about alternative energy and related investments. But the real experts advise that [...]