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Things Go Greener With A New Biodegradable Pepsi Bottle


Things may go better with Coke, but it seems they go greener with Pepsi.   Pepsico,the billion dollar international food and beverage corporation, announced last week that it has developed the world’s first totally plant based, petroleum- free, totally bio-degradable plastic bottle.  Petroleum free is a big deal given the amount of oil that goes [...]

Canoeing to Save the Oceans


She’s at it again!  43-year old New Jersey mom, Margo Pellegrino, is canoeing the entire length of an American coastline to help save the oceans. Specifically, Pellegrino is hoping to raise awareness of plastic that is building in our earth’s waters, particularly in the ocean’s gyres.  Massive amounts of discarded plastic are carried along ocean [...]

Eco-Voyage on the Plastiki

Eco-Voyage on the Plastiki

If you’ve heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, you are aware of the devastating impact plastic can have on the environment.  To that end, we have urged discontinued use of individual serving water bottles and conscientious consumer decision-making to pre-cycle. Yet, now there is news of some plastic bottles that should go into the [...]

Plastic Is Forever In The North Pacific Gyre

By now most of us have heard about the horrendous mountain of plastic swirling around in the North Pacific Gyre (aka the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” or “The Horse Latitudes.” ) It’s an area in the Pacific Ocean that earlier generations of mariners avoided with good reason.  Topical weather, slow, swirling equatorial currents, and lack [...]