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English Cows, Methane, and Global Warming


if English farmers can lower their cows’ methane emissions by 40% simply by including linseed in their feed, this is the kind of simple, down to earth measure that it would make sense to employ all over the world. Since it seems that the linseed has some side effects like improved bovine health and increased milk supply , I’m hoping dairy farmers everywhere will soon be including linseed in their cattle feed.

Save the Planet: Eat Bugs!

I'm not sure I could be convinced to eat bugs, no matter how eco-friendly!

What would you do to help address global climate change and save the planet?  Install solar panels?  Wear organic knits?  Eat bugs?! You heard me right…. turns out that a vegetarian diet is not the only way to eat green.  Eating insects provides high amounts of protein, yet requires less energy and space to live, [...]

Why “Clean Coal” Will Never Be

What can be clean about coal?

Recently, I keep hearing about “clean coal” from unexpected sources.  Last month at the Driving Green event sponsored by Ford Motor Company at NAIAS in Detroit, Stewart Brand touted the benefits of clean coal and nuclear energy as alternatives to renewable resources.  Then, just last week, President Obama – a Democrat, lest you need reminding [...]

Weather Forecast Calls for a Hot 2011

We've experienced the hottest years on record recently

Sure, the East Coast has been hit especially hard with snowstorms this winter.  But be prepared.  The weather forecast calls for a hot 2011.  In fact, last year tied for the hottest year on record, the result of a long-term warming trend which will continue, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Whether you chalk [...]

Google Earth Engine Tracks Environmental Changes Worldwide


Search engine giant, Google, has been making news again in December 2010.  First, it unveiled Google eBooks and then, a week later at the COP16 talks in Cancun, the company announced Google Earth Engine.   The new, free online technology tracks environmental changes worldwide by comparing sattellite images taken over the past 25 years from the [...]

Climate Change A Factor in Where People Choose to Live?


Will climate change be a factor in where people choose to live one day?  Signs point to a big possibility of ‘yes,’ given the reality of rising sea levels and predictions for the decades ahead. Haven’t you heard? Global warming, aka climate change, is affecting everyone worldwide, whether or not its any drier or warmer [...]

Forests Play Important Role in Reducing Carbon Levels


If you have a basic knowledge of photosynthesis, you are probably aware of how forests play an important role in reducing carbon levels.  Trees “breathe” CO2 in and, along with water, convert the gas to glucose which they use to grow and thrive.  The by-product is oxygen, which means that green plants and trees really [...]

Oceans Diluted With Freshwater Runoff?


As reported in a few weeks ago, the amount of  water flowing into the oceans has been steadily increasing  in recent years, signifying a possible speeding up of the water cycle. The cause is likely global climate change, and we cannot underestimate the possible effects of our oceans diluted with freshwater runoff. A research [...]

Climate Change to Affect Global Food Supplies


The year 2010 is shaping up to be the hottest 12-month period since climate record-keeping began.  Even if you didn’t personally experience a hot summer in your region, temperatures topped out in Russia this year, and other areas experienced unusual flooding, as well.  Climate change can affect global food supplies because, as rains increase or [...]

Earth Day Climate Rally a Success

Earth Day Climate Rally a Success

On Sunday, April 25, a massive climate rally in Washington, D.C. took place on the Mall to mark Earth Day’s 40th anniversary.  Thousands of people crowded in to listen to inspirational speakers and hear impressive music artists.  The overall goal is to raise awareness of issues related to global climate change and inspire Congress to [...]

Scientists Create Synthetic Genes to Fight Global Warming

Scientists Create Synthetic Genes to Fight Global Warming

Scientists at UCLA have created synthetic “genes” that may soon be able to gobble up the damaging carbon emissions that contribute to global warming and threaten life on earth as we know it.  The three-dimensional, synthetic DNA-like crystals, composed of organic and inorganic components, code information in a DNA-like manner. UCLA chemistry and biochemistry professors [...]

Its Not Just Polar Bears

It’s not just polar bears who  are in trouble these days. The list of arctic animals threatened by global warming is growing. Last week thousands of walruses were sighted congregating on the beaches of Northern Alaska– something that has happened before, but never so early and never in such great numbers. So many animals crowding [...]

Down With Factory Farms. Up With Meat

I love meat. I firmly believe that meat is good.  As a species we have eaten meat since our hunter gatherer days, and  in spite of what people are saying  about the carbon footprint of livestock and the virtues of vegetarianism, I do not believe that eating meat is  bad. I am thrilled to find [...]

How to fly the guilt-free skies: air travel is an inescapable part of modern life–and a major contributor to global warming. Short of growing wings, what’s … do?(Living Green): An article from: OnEarth [HTML] (Digital)

This digital document is an article from OnEarth, published by Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. on January 1, 2005. The length of the article is 1777 words. The page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Digital Locker immediately [...]

Climate Change Begins at Home: Life on the Two-Way Street of Global Warming (Paperback)

Review ‘An excellent primer on how to cut your contribution to climate change.’ — BBC Focus Magazine, Autumn 2005′Brilliant work – I am a fan’ — Penney Poyzer of BBC2′s ‘No Waste Like Home”How can Reay be this wise, and still so funny? He has written a brilliant book. Read it and see.’ — Nicola [...]