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What a Difference 4 Days Makes!

Here in the U.S., its almost Thanksgiving.  Winter is right around the corner (or maybe camped outside your door), depending on where you live.  Its hard to believe that only 4 days ago, I was in Fiji, researching and writing articles for Tourism Fiji.
Last weekend, I arrived back in my home state of Oregon where [...]

Renewable Energy Developing in Fiji

I just returned from a week in the Fiji Islands, in the South Pacific.
The 333-island archipelago is located east of New Zealand and Australia and southwest of Hawaii, with only about 100 islands inhabited.  The entire population is less than 900,000.
Renewable energy has been developing in Fiji for some time now.   In fact, the Fiji [...]

Vacation with a Green Conscience at Matava Fiji’s Premier Eco Resort

Let’s be realistic.  Travel usually leaves a big carbon footprint.  Even among the most eco-sensitive of us, its hard to get away without wasting energy and using fuel.
But, you can vacation with a green conscience at Matava Fiji’s Premier Eco Resort.  Located on Kadavu, south of the main Fiji island, Matava is a 100% off-grid, [...]

Where in the World is Peachy Green?

Where in the World is Peachy Green?

I’m still pinching myself about this opportunity.
I haven’t mentioned it yet here on Peachy Green, but I was approached several weeks ago about an exciting project to explore eco-friendly resorts in an exotic location.  Of course, it was so enticing that I had to say yes!
Today, I started my journey halfway around the globe.  I [...]