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Electric Vehicles to Total 14 Million by 2014

Electric cars on the rise in coming years

We have been predicting for months (if not years) that interest in electric vehicles (EVs) would take off and demand would increase at a great rate.  Early in 2011, automakers at the International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan were showcasing electric cars as one of their hot new commodities.  As gasoline prices have continued to [...]

Will Interest in Electric Cars Translate into Intent to Own Them?

Chevy Volt has a lot of consumers interested in the electric car

Recent polls and surveys show that Americans are quite interested in electric cars.  But, will they actually take the step to purchase and drive them?  At least one writer believes that consumer expectations are too high when it comes to EVs and that the battery-powered cars will not be able to deliver in the end.  [...]

Higher Gas Prices Fueling Electric Vehicle Technology


Electric cars have been gaining ground in the press over the past 6 months as auto makers finally embrace the concept and consumers are taking a leap of faith that the infrastructure can support plug-in battery powered cars.  With gas prices over $4/gallon in most regions of the United States now, and predictions that the [...]

Ford Focus Electric: 100% Battery-Powered Car for 2012

Ford Focus Electric

Earlier this month, Ford Motor Company unveiled the Ford Focus Electric, its first 100% battery-powered car which will be available in late 2011.  The new EV first made big news at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and excitement continued to build at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit a week later. [...]

Let’s Hear it for Electric Cars!


Let’s hear it for electric cars!  No really.  I mean, let’s hear electric cars…. As electric cars hit mainstream markets this year in greater numbers, safety concerns about their operation are on the rise.  That’s because, without a combustion engine, electric vehicles operate practically silently. You might not hear them driving behind you as you [...]

Charging Ahead with Electric Vehicles: Owners Need to Consider Insurance


If you follow automotive news at all, you probably have heard the predictions that electric vehicle (EVs) are hot this year.  In fact, some are calling 2011 the year of the electric car.  For those of us considering owning an electrified vehicle, insurance companies are cautioning about potential issues that may arise. For example, some [...]

Will 2011 Be the Year of the Electric Car?


One of the hottest topics around the dinner table this Christmas (at least at my house) was the question of, “will 2011 be the year of the electric car?” My father has been involved in developing the infrastructure, working with auto manufacturers and just getting the work out to the general public, via op eds [...]

50 Years of OPEC is Enough


You might not have realized that OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) celebrated its 50th anniversary last week.   Did we hold a big celebration?  Not so much! Back in 1960, the oil cartel was created among member nations that still control the vast amount of global oil reserves: Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.  [...]

Tesla and Toyota: Electric Car Marriage Made in Heaven?


This week, the electric car dreams of many Americans appeared to be coming true.  While the Tesla 100% Electric Roadster is currently one of the only viable EVs on the road right now, the price tag is a bit too steep for most of us. But hold your electric horses…. Tesla Motors has announced they [...]

GM Gets Consumers Charged Up for the Chevy Volt

GM Gets Consumers Charged Up for the Chevy Volt

Quick – which figure in the picture above is a model? If you answered the sleek, silver Chevy Volt (shown to the right), you’d be right!  I had to take a closer look at the much anticipated electric car while attending the Earth Day Climate Rally in Washington, D.C. last weekend.  Even my sports-car loving [...]

BMW Excites Customers with its Electric Mini E

BMW Excites Customers with its Electric Mini E

Is your next car going to be an electric vehicle?  Are you getting tired of waiting for EVs to hit the market?  If you are one of the 450 people selected by BMW last year to lease the all-electric Mini E, your wait is over! The sporty, speedy Electric Mini Cooper currently is zipping around [...]

Chevy Volt Rolls Off the Assembly Line

This month, the Chevy Volt came one step closer to mainstream America.  The first electric vehicle produced by General Motors rolled off the assembly line, and is in the process of testing before its world-wide release next year. So, what is so special about this car? I know your time is limited, so let’s overview [...]

Why Won’t Toyota Electrify Your Ride?

The Toyota Prius has been the poster child for “green cars,” for years.  But soon, it could be the poor stepchild in a new family of electric cars being released by most other auto manufacturers.  Why won’t Toyota electrify your ride?  What is preventing the car company from plugging into the new push for electric [...]