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Google Maps Will Help Pinpoint Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Google Maps to help you locate Electric Vehicle recharging stations

Thinking about buying an electric car?  Worried about finding places to recharge it? In a partnership with the Obama administration to boost sales of EVs, Google maps will help pinpoint electric vehicle charging stations.  In fact, President Obama aims to get 1 million electric cars on the road by 2015, with an overall goal of [...]

Electrifying Detroit at the North American International Auto Show


I am just returning from the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan.  As a guest of Ford Motor Company, I was able to hear about – not only the new electrified vehicles from Ford – but also to tour the facilities and check out other EV offerings from a wide range of auto [...]

Electrifying Times: Electric Car Magazine Published in Bend, Oregon


While 2010 may be the biggest year for the electric vehicle since…. well…. ever, one man in Bend, Oregon has pinned high hopes on the alternative means of transportation for nearly a decade.  Bruce Meland has been publishing Electrifying Times, an electric car magazine, internationally (right here from Central Oregon) since 1992! Seems that there [...]

Electric Cars, Auto Insurance & Your Home


A standard wall outlet may now allow the average citizen to save a few hundred dollars a year. With the wave of electric cars soon to be hitting the market ‘en-masse’, people are preparing their homes to power these automobiles.  The question begs, do you have the right equipment in your house? Depending on the [...]

Nissan Leaf to Get 99 MPG?


There’s been some hooplah in the news recently about the projections for the new Nissan Leaf.  The electric vehicle, which will go on sale next month in 5 states in the U.S., is claimed to be able to get 99 MPG (miles per gallon) per the manufacturer’s website. The battery-powered electric car might not be [...]

Chevy Volt Commercials


After all the hype and hoopla, its time for the rubber to meet the road.  Quite literally. The 2011 Chevy Volt is officially on the market in several regions of the United States. Several new Chevy Volt commercials are inspiring consumers to go for the electric car, and hoping to dissuade naysayers from negative preconceptions: [...]

Can Electric Cars Go Mainstream?


The next 12 months will be a big test for electric cars.  After years of hype, several prominent auto manufacturers are finally releasing new electric vehicle models for sale to the general public.  The Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf are just two of several new EVs that you’ll soon see driving along streets and highway. [...]

Getting a Charge Out of Electric Vehicles

medium_electric car charger

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski is getting a charge out of electric vehicles!  Last week, Kulongoski helped promote a new charging station that is designed to look like a gasoline pump in Portland, Oregon. Is that what its going to take to convert drivers to electric cars? Designed by Japanese electronics maker NEC, the new EV [...]

Eco-Friendly Charging of Electric Vehicles


You might have heard a lot about electric cars this year, especially with the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf hitting the market.  But how much of a benefit to the environment are EVs?  After all, isn’t most electricity from fossil fuels? Fortunately, eco-friendly charging of electric vehicles is possible and practicable!  The U.S. is actually [...]

Obama Goes for a Chevy Volt Ride


This year is the big test for electric vehicles.  Sure, there are a few that are already on the road, but mostly super expensive versions like the Tesla (over $100,000) and cars that have been converted to electric with DIY instructions.  But later this fall, Chevrolet is releasing the Chevy Volt!  The plug-in electric hybrid [...]

EV Awareness Day in Portland Oregon


Thanks to a tip from a loyal Peachy Green reader, I’m excited to announce an event right here in my backyard.  EV Awareness Day will be held next Saturday, July 10, 2010, in Portland Oregon.  Sponsored by the Oregon Electric Vehicle Association, this summer showcase displays a number of electric cars and other vehicles that [...]

First Electric Car Charging Station in Bend Oregon


If you are a regular reader here at Peachy Green, you probably already know that I am very keen on and excited about electric cars.  This year, several major manufacturers are coming out with new models that will change the driving scene. With the BP Oil Spill continuing to spew polluting fossil fuels into the [...]

Electric Vehicle Deployment Act to Cut U.S. Dependence on Oil


Whether or not we can thank the BP Oil Spill, congressional leaders at the Capitol introduced bipartisan bills last month intended to cut U.S. dependence on oil.  Within the next 20 years, the goal is to electrify half of the cars on the road in this country, significantly reducing our foreign oil demands. The “Electric [...]

Mileage Record Broken for Electric Vehicle Travel on Single Charge


C’mon electric car naysayers!  What if we told you that it was possible to drive over 600 miles on a single charge?  That’s right.  No limited range.  No stopping to fuel up.  Quite simply, you could drive most of the length of California without ever stopping. That’s just what the Japan Electric Vehicle Club did [...]

Nation’s First Electric Vehicle Engineering Graduate Program Offered Fall 2010

Nation’s First Electric Vehicle Engineering Graduate Program Offered Fall 2010

If you’re in the market for a green job, there are a number of specialty programs in which you can enroll to get a step up in the renewable energy world.  The courses and subjects being offered generally match real-world demand.  Which is why its so exciting to hear that the nation’s first electric vehicle [...]