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17 Dead Baby Dolphins in The Gulf of Mexico

17  Dead Baby Dolphins in The Gulf of Mexico

The mass deaths of birds, fish, crabs and bats may have receded from the news, but they are still going on. It’s calving season in the Gulf of Mexico where dolphins come every year to give birth.  This year so far, according to The Sun-Herald , 17  dead baby dolphins, either stillborn or dead soon [...]

Why Not Tax Plastic Bags?

It’s working in Hong Kong. Why don’t we give it a try in America? It seems that after only two days of a tax amounting to six US cents per plastic bag at stores and supermarkets in Hong Kong, plastic bag usage was down  85%. Not only that, it seems the number of people who [...]

Saving Mother Earth

The dirty little secret that nobody likes to mention is that a lot of our environmental problems are caused by the fact that there are just too many of us on the planet. A  Malthusian vision of the future is distasteful, but guess what, old Malthus  wasn’t too far off the mark. In 1960 world [...]

The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree

When I was a child, probably about 8 or 9 years old, I first read a book that changed my life forever: The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein. The beauty of this timeless tale is captured in this story about a special connection between a boy and a tree. Pen and ink drawings simply illustrate [...]

5 Un-Peachy Green Things

You should know by now that the authors of this blog are pretty peachy green. At least, we’re trying to be! Some things are easy to do (turn off lights and appliances when you leave, recycle, drive the speed limit), and other things take more work. Over the past three months as we have been [...]

Women are Greener than Men

When it comes to the environment, who is the most sensitive – women or men? Perhaps the way the question was phrased made the answer more obvious. But, according to a couple of surveys conducted by Ispos Reid , women are greener than men. For example, men tend to view the labeling of a product [...]

Oceans Rapidly Warming

Talk about alarming news! New evidence has emerged that proves that oceans around the world are warming as much as four times faster than originally predicted. In a United Nations report released in April 2008, figures show that the Baltic Sea in particular has warmed 1.35 degrees C over the last quarter century. This is [...]