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National Park Service Aims to be Carbon-Neutral


The first National Park Service house in the United States has achieved net zero energy here in Central Oregon.  At the Painted Hills Unit of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument (a gorgeous area that anyone who comes to Oregon should visit, by the way), a small house has been outfitted with solar panels, [...]

Smart Energy Control Units Educate Consumers and Save Power


Just like a dieter needs to keep track of food consumption, if you are looking to save energy and reduce home energy use, a smart energy control unit can educate you on your energy habits and help you cut back. In fact, with devices like the Wattbox and Microsoft Hohm, households have seen an immediate [...]

Aerogel Insulation: A Space-Age Blanket for Your Home

Aerogel Insulation: A Space-Age Blanket for Your Home

When you’re cold, you wrap a blanket around your shoulders.  What if there was a blanket for your home?  With high-tech material that’s been around for years and used in space missions, Aerogel insulation is a lightweight, eco-friendly material that is now used to make buildings more energy efficient. The air-filled aerogel insulating blankets, manufactured [...]