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Save the Panda Bears

Panda bears are critically endangered species

Should we save the Panda bears?  Even though the numbers of  Giant Pandas have declined to the point they are considered critically endangered, some have suggested that it is not worth the efforts to continue trying to revive the species. BBC naturalist, Chris Packham made this shocking statement to Radio Times Magazine: “Here’s a species [...]

Endangered Species Success Stories in 2011

Florida panther and cub

On May 20 last week, Endangered Species Day marked a number of success stories in 2011.  On the third Friday of every May, Endangered Species Day in the United States gives us the opportunity to celebrate endangered species success stories, while learning what more can be done to help animals at risk. The Endangered Species [...]

Letters to Lions: National Geographic Project for Kids


While researching some wildlife projects to do with my cub scout den here in Oregon, I came across a wonderful National Geographic project for kids.   “Letters to Lions” encourages children to write a letter explaining how important lions are, including some personal drawings of the magnificent cats.  Filmmakers and National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence, Dereck and Beverly [...]

Adorable Videos of Endangered Baby Animals


While the holiday season has kept us busy and engaged, we took some time to find adorable videos of endangered baby animals.  These innocent lives remind us of the importance of preserving planet Earth and working to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and shrinking wildlife habitat. Watch this video of a baby Silverback Gorilla with his [...]

HawkWatch International: Watching Ecosystem Health Like a Hawk


Throughout the western half of the United States, biologists are watching ecosystem health like a hawk.  Gathering data from birds of prey (golden eagles, ospreys, kestrels, peregrine falcons and red-tailed hawks – among others), HawkWatch International is keeping tabs on migration and nesting patterns of the hawks. Permits have been granted to 131 biologists and [...]

Iberian Lynx: the Next Wild Cat Extinction?


The Iberian Lynx is the world’s most endangered feline – much more so than even the severely endangered tigers.  Only about 150-225 of the animals are left in the wild.  Scientists and other experts believe the species could be the next wild cat extinction. In fact, SOS Lynx, a conservation group, predicts that the Iberian [...]

Saving Sea Otters

Sea Otter

Its time to prepare for Sea Otter Awareness Week!  This year, from September 26-October 2, 2010, Defenders of Wildlife is organizing its annal event to help raise awareness about the endangered sea otters and their importance in marine ecosystems. Although Sea Otters are the largest member of the weasel family, they are the second smallest [...]

Animal Investigators: How the World’s First Wildlife Forensics Lab Is Solving Crimes and Saving Endangered Species (Kindle Edition)

Review “A fantastic, exciting and revealing read! Neme takes us deep into the dark world of wildlife exploitation with a thrill level and suspense rivaling any episode of CSI, with one exception, Animal Investigators is far from fiction, as these genuine and mysterious crimes against nature are resolved by crafty and determined experts in the [...]

Endangered Species: A Collection of U.S. Postage Stamps Including Set of 15 USPS Endangered Species Stamp Sheet Sealed (Endangered Species, A Collection of US Postage Stamps) (Paperback)

This book has the Endangered Species series of postage stamps with descriptions of the habitat and stories of the animals pictured there. (more…) More information on baby strollers