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Google Maps Will Help Pinpoint Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Google Maps to help you locate Electric Vehicle recharging stations

Thinking about buying an electric car?  Worried about finding places to recharge it? In a partnership with the Obama administration to boost sales of EVs, Google maps will help pinpoint electric vehicle charging stations.  In fact, President Obama aims to get 1 million electric cars on the road by 2015, with an overall goal of [...]

Nissan LEAF Electric Cars Arrive in the U.S.

New Nissan LEAF 100% Electric Vehicles Arrive in the U.S.

Notwithstanding the massive Japan earthquake that devastated the country on March 11 this year, Nissan recently announced that just one week later, more than 1,500 new Nissan LEAF electric cars had either arrived in U.S. ports, or were in transit. The press is most excited about the arrival of “Luna Spirit,” which is one of [...]

Experts Predict Electric Vehicle Surge in 2011


In a recently published study experts predict an electric vehicle surge in 2011. The report issued by Zpryme Research and Consulting, and sponsored by Airbiquity indicates that enthusiasts of plug-in electric vehicles will… er… “drive” the market rapidly forward. Within 5 years, more than three-quarters of a million EVs will be on U.S. roads. Even [...]

Electrifying Times: Electric Car Magazine Published in Bend, Oregon


While 2010 may be the biggest year for the electric vehicle since…. well…. ever, one man in Bend, Oregon has pinned high hopes on the alternative means of transportation for nearly a decade.  Bruce Meland has been publishing Electrifying Times, an electric car magazine, internationally (right here from Central Oregon) since 1992! Seems that there [...]

Nissan Leaf to Get 99 MPG?


There’s been some hooplah in the news recently about the projections for the new Nissan Leaf.  The electric vehicle, which will go on sale next month in 5 states in the U.S., is claimed to be able to get 99 MPG (miles per gallon) per the manufacturer’s website. The battery-powered electric car might not be [...]

Mitsubishi i-MiEV: Electric Car Coming to U.S. in 2011


Another new electric car is about to hit U.S. roads in 2011.  The Mitsubishi i-MiEV is already available in Japan, with plans to start selling in America in fall of next year.  After several years of fine-tuning its concept EV, Mitsubishi is finally ready to put this urban car on the global market. The i-MiEV [...]

Hyundai to Produce an Electric Car


Joining the ranks of other major auto manufacturers, Hyundai will produce an electric car, starting in 2012.  With the Chevy Volt heading to consumers in fall 2010 and the Nissan Leaf close behind, Hyundai wants to make sure that its customers are also given the option of a gasoline-free drive. The Hyundai “BlueOn,” will be [...]

Eco-Friendly Charging of Electric Vehicles


You might have heard a lot about electric cars this year, especially with the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf hitting the market.  But how much of a benefit to the environment are EVs?  After all, isn’t most electricity from fossil fuels? Fortunately, eco-friendly charging of electric vehicles is possible and practicable!  The U.S. is actually [...]

Obama Goes for a Chevy Volt Ride


This year is the big test for electric vehicles.  Sure, there are a few that are already on the road, but mostly super expensive versions like the Tesla (over $100,000) and cars that have been converted to electric with DIY instructions.  But later this fall, Chevrolet is releasing the Chevy Volt!  The plug-in electric hybrid [...]

EV Awareness Day in Portland Oregon


Thanks to a tip from a loyal Peachy Green reader, I’m excited to announce an event right here in my backyard.  EV Awareness Day will be held next Saturday, July 10, 2010, in Portland Oregon.  Sponsored by the Oregon Electric Vehicle Association, this summer showcase displays a number of electric cars and other vehicles that [...]

First Electric Car Charging Station in Bend Oregon


If you are a regular reader here at Peachy Green, you probably already know that I am very keen on and excited about electric cars.  This year, several major manufacturers are coming out with new models that will change the driving scene. With the BP Oil Spill continuing to spew polluting fossil fuels into the [...]

Electric Vehicle Deployment Act to Cut U.S. Dependence on Oil


Whether or not we can thank the BP Oil Spill, congressional leaders at the Capitol introduced bipartisan bills last month intended to cut U.S. dependence on oil.  Within the next 20 years, the goal is to electrify half of the cars on the road in this country, significantly reducing our foreign oil demands. The “Electric [...]

Mileage Record Broken for Electric Vehicle Travel on Single Charge


C’mon electric car naysayers!  What if we told you that it was possible to drive over 600 miles on a single charge?  That’s right.  No limited range.  No stopping to fuel up.  Quite simply, you could drive most of the length of California without ever stopping. That’s just what the Japan Electric Vehicle Club did [...]

9 Reasons Your Next Car Should be an Electric Vehicle


Since most of us in the United States have never seen an actual electric car, let alone driven one, there are plenty of fear-based statements and myths about electric vehicles floating about.  Fortunately, for each of these excuses, we can give you 10 reasons why your next car should be an electric vehicle. Don’t believe [...]

GM Gets Consumers Charged Up for the Chevy Volt

GM Gets Consumers Charged Up for the Chevy Volt

Quick – which figure in the picture above is a model? If you answered the sleek, silver Chevy Volt (shown to the right), you’d be right!  I had to take a closer look at the much anticipated electric car while attending the Earth Day Climate Rally in Washington, D.C. last weekend.  Even my sports-car loving [...]