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Considering a New Car? How About a Green Car Loan!


If you are in the market for a new car this year, you are probably pouring over consumer reports, considering projected mileage and even re-sale value.  But what about financing?  Automakers and dealerships are encouraging people to buy environmentally-friendly hybrid or even 100% electric cars with attractive financing options, commonly called “green car loans.” If [...]

Electric Cars, Auto Insurance & Your Home


A standard wall outlet may now allow the average citizen to save a few hundred dollars a year. With the wave of electric cars soon to be hitting the market ‘en-masse’, people are preparing their homes to power these automobiles.  The question begs, do you have the right equipment in your house? Depending on the [...]

Green Vehicle Tires Created from Plants


When it comes to building a greener, more eco-friendly car, manufacturers have incorporated a number of measures (increasing fuel efficiency, using recyclable materials, cutting down on wind or road resistance and more).  Yet tires have been made of the same general substance for decades: petroleum.  Until now. Green vehicle tires created from plants have been [...]

Toyota Pushes its Hybrid Vehicles

If you’ve switched on the news recently, you know that Toyota has been having some serious issues.   Recalls on tens of thousands of its vehicles have other auto manufacturers reaping the benefits of Toyota’s misfortunes.  Even here at Peachy Green, we discussed the fact that the auto manufacturer was one of a few that had [...]

Nissan Leaf Leads Green Drive at Washington Auto Show

Nissan Leaf Leads Green Drive at Washington Auto Show

Message from auto manufacturers, green is here to stay. If there was one message that came loud and clear from this year’s Washington Auto Show, its that the future of the auto industry is green. A massive 65,000 square feet of the Washington Convention Center was dedicated to the “Advanced Technology SuperHighway,” which is basically [...]

Eco-Wow! Fisker Karma Plug-In Hybrid Car

Fisker Automotive knows hot, and it knows cars.  We’re talking sleek rides like Aston Martins and head-turning BMWs.  All you need is a tuxedo and a martini – shaken, not stirred – to be right at home in one of its showrooms. With the automobile industry changing, due to concerns about fuel prices and greenhouse [...]