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Why “Clean Coal” Will Never Be

What can be clean about coal?

Recently, I keep hearing about “clean coal” from unexpected sources.  Last month at the Driving Green event sponsored by Ford Motor Company at NAIAS in Detroit, Stewart Brand touted the benefits of clean coal and nuclear energy as alternatives to renewable resources.  Then, just last week, President Obama – a Democrat, lest you need reminding [...]

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint With an Online Tool


What exactly is a carbon footprint, and how do you go about reducing your own?  Thanks to a new online tool provided by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality you can easily calculate your carbon footprint – the amount of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) that you send into the atmosphere as a result of [...]

Concern About Climate Change on the Rise


Its not just the BP oil spill that is causing people to re-think their ways.  Overall, concern about climate change is on the rise.  A recent poll by Yale and George Mason Universities shows that more Americans than ever are worried about environmental impacts of CO2 emissions.  Yet, this week, the U.S. Senate considered a [...]

Driving vs. Flying: Carbon Emissions and Spring Break Travel

Its almost Spring Break for my kids here in Oregon.  We’re planning a trip to Southern California (and for those that think I’m nuts to write about this, my house will be occupied, so its not saying “ROB ME” while we’re gone). With 4 kids and 2 adults, we think it makes more economic sense [...]

The Grass isn’t Always Greener

Lawns are supposed to be nice and green, right?  Whether you enjoy a lush turf in your backyard, or perhaps heading to the local park in your neighborhood, do you know what it may cost you carbon-wise? Certainly, anyone from a dry, desert region knows that grass is not the wisest landscape choice when it [...]

Sundowning Oregon’s Only Coal Plant 20 Years Early

Exciting news in the renewable energy field.  Oregon’s largest utility, Portland General Electric announced this week that it is shutting down the state’s only coal plant 20 years ahead of schedule.  By 2020, the lights will officially go off at the PGE Boardman, Oregon plant. The original plan for the coal plant was to invest [...]