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Revenge of the Electric Car

Revenge is a dish best served... by an electric car!

Its 2011, and perhaps the lowly electric vehicle (aka “EV”) will have the last laugh.  Just 5 years after the documentary, “Who Killed the Electric Car,” people are finally taking the battery-powered vehicles seriously.  So much so that the original filmmaker, Chris Paine, has created “Revenge of the Electric Car,” which was released last week, [...]

Chevy Volt Commercials


After all the hype and hoopla, its time for the rubber to meet the road.  Quite literally. The 2011 Chevy Volt is officially on the market in several regions of the United States. Several new Chevy Volt commercials are inspiring consumers to go for the electric car, and hoping to dissuade naysayers from negative preconceptions: [...]

Can Electric Cars Go Mainstream?


The next 12 months will be a big test for electric cars.  After years of hype, several prominent auto manufacturers are finally releasing new electric vehicle models for sale to the general public.  The Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf are just two of several new EVs that you’ll soon see driving along streets and highway. [...]

Obama Goes for a Chevy Volt Ride


This year is the big test for electric vehicles.  Sure, there are a few that are already on the road, but mostly super expensive versions like the Tesla (over $100,000) and cars that have been converted to electric with DIY instructions.  But later this fall, Chevrolet is releasing the Chevy Volt!  The plug-in electric hybrid [...]

Nation’s First Electric Vehicle Engineering Graduate Program Offered Fall 2010

Nation’s First Electric Vehicle Engineering Graduate Program Offered Fall 2010

If you’re in the market for a green job, there are a number of specialty programs in which you can enroll to get a step up in the renewable energy world.  The courses and subjects being offered generally match real-world demand.  Which is why its so exciting to hear that the nation’s first electric vehicle [...]

GM Gets Consumers Charged Up for the Chevy Volt

GM Gets Consumers Charged Up for the Chevy Volt

Quick – which figure in the picture above is a model? If you answered the sleek, silver Chevy Volt (shown to the right), you’d be right!  I had to take a closer look at the much anticipated electric car while attending the Earth Day Climate Rally in Washington, D.C. last weekend.  Even my sports-car loving [...]

Nissan Leaf Leads Green Drive at Washington Auto Show

Nissan Leaf Leads Green Drive at Washington Auto Show

Message from auto manufacturers, green is here to stay. If there was one message that came loud and clear from this year’s Washington Auto Show, its that the future of the auto industry is green. A massive 65,000 square feet of the Washington Convention Center was dedicated to the “Advanced Technology SuperHighway,” which is basically [...]

Chevy Volt Rolls Off the Assembly Line

This month, the Chevy Volt came one step closer to mainstream America.  The first electric vehicle produced by General Motors rolled off the assembly line, and is in the process of testing before its world-wide release next year. So, what is so special about this car? I know your time is limited, so let’s overview [...]

Why Won’t Toyota Electrify Your Ride?

The Toyota Prius has been the poster child for “green cars,” for years.  But soon, it could be the poor stepchild in a new family of electric cars being released by most other auto manufacturers.  Why won’t Toyota electrify your ride?  What is preventing the car company from plugging into the new push for electric [...]

Chevy Volt Packs Quite A Jolt

GM’s long awaited electric hybrid, the Chevy Volt, is ready for the 2010 model year and will get a stunning 230 miles per gallon of gas, according to General Motors. That’s quite a jolt of juice. That’s right. I said two hundred thirty miles per gallon.  We are talking triple digits and a serious potential [...]

Who Got Killed by the Electric Car?

Years ago, before the Chevy Volt, General Motors produced an electric car called the EV1. The future was not bright for that car, however, and GM eventually took it off the market for a number of reasons, just three years after the EV1 was introduced. The company went back to producing gas guzzling SUVs and [...]

Chevy Volt – Electric Excitement

On September 16, GM finally unveiled its much-anticipated (and hyped) Chevy Volt electric car. Although consumers will not be able to drive this baby until 2010, they did get a good look at what environmentally-conscious (and fuel-efficient) consumers will be parking in their garages very soon. Vehicles like the Volt will be powered solely by [...]