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Visit Bend and Stay Green at the Lara House Lodge

Lara House Main pictures-Lara Family 082

I’ve been a resident of beautiful Bend, Oregon for 5 years and cannot imagine living anywhere else.  300 days of sunshine a year, minimal traffic and ample outdoor recreational activities, from skiing and snowboarding to mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing and more.  No wonder, this city east of the Cascade Mountains in Central Oregon offers [...]

Common Table: Sharing Meals and Experiences in Bend, Oregon

Zach Hancock and Bob Pearson, co-founders of the Common Table restaurant (image by Andy Tullis, Bend Bulletin)

Booker T. Johnson famously said, “Excellence is to do a common thing, in an uncommon manner.” Perhaps one of the most inspiring examples of this sentiment is showcased right here in my hometown of Bend, Oregon. This week, a new restaurant opened downtown.  But its not just any restaurant.  Common Table is established as a [...]

The Cascade Lakes Highway


Living in beautiful Bend, Oregon is practically paradise on Earth.  After escaping the traffic and rain of Seattle, Washington four years ago, my family has been enjoying the benefits of living in a small town that is both “green” and filled with recreational opportunities. One of our favorite trips is right in our backyard.  The [...]

First Electric Car Charging Station in Bend Oregon


If you are a regular reader here at Peachy Green, you probably already know that I am very keen on and excited about electric cars.  This year, several major manufacturers are coming out with new models that will change the driving scene. With the BP Oil Spill continuing to spew polluting fossil fuels into the [...]

A Winter’s Nature Walk

A Winter’s Nature Walk

Over the past few weeks, the Bend, Oregon region was plunged into a deep winter freeze with temperatures ranging from -15 below zero Fahrenheit to about 10 degrees above!  Too chilly to do much but drink coffee indoors! When the air warmed slightly to a bearable 30 degrees, I had to get outside for some [...]

Flash-Dancing in Bend Oregon!

Flash-Dancing in Bend Oregon!

A new phenomenon is sweeping the nation… and you never know when it will break out in your hometown.  I’m talking about so-called “flash mobs.” They’re usually organized behind the scenes through Twitter and Facebook, sometimes to make a difference on social issues.  For the most part, however, these surprise gatherings are simply intended to [...]

Green School in Bend Adopts Green Practices

Green School in Bend Adopts Green Practices

A new green school in Bend, Oregon opened this fall.  Miller Elementary is on the way towards obtaining LEED (Leadership in  Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.  But before the students claim a green victory, they are already adopting practices that can help minimize the carbon footprint of the school [...]

Commercial Composting Program at Bend Restaurants

When you visit the tourist mecca that is Bend, Oregon (proudly, my hometown), there are many great restaurants at which to enjoy a meal.  Chefs come from all over the U.S. to live and work in this vacation destination which has great skiing during the winter, and lots of sunshine for bikers, hikers and swimmers [...]

Despite Recession, Green Means Go in Oregon

While my home state may suffer from one of the worst unemployment rates in the nation, still… despite the recession, green means go in Oregon!  That’s right, green jobs are red hot here in the Beaver State. The primary reason why its hip to be green in Oregon is the fact that wind energy and [...]

Renewable Energy Law in Oregon: No Money Down

One of the biggest impediments to installation of solar panels, wind turbines and even other, more minor energy efficient measures is cost.  Under a new renewable energy law in Oregon, homeowners and businesses can finally take the step towards a greener future, without shelling out up front. Last week, the Oregon Legislature passed a new [...]

Bend 2030: Vision Builds

For the past two years, I have had the fortune of serving on a very exciting non-profit board.  Bend 2030 is a 501(c)(3) organization that is tasked with overseeing and coordinating efforts concerning the Bend 2030 Vision.  This is where community dreamers meet community leaders.  Its a powerful intersection at which to be. The “Vision” [...]

Solar Projects on Hold in Bend Oregon

Recently, the Bend Bulletin newspaper reported that two major solar power projects in Central Oregon are “on hold.” Both the Redmond Airport and the downtown Bend parking garage have been planned to include solar panels in design and construction. However, recent questions from Pacific Power, the local electric company, has asked for clarification of applicable [...]

Obama Visits Northwest Solar Company

A solar panel company based in beautiful Bend, Oregon, PV Powered is leading the charge (so to speak) for solar power technology in the United States. It is the only American based grid-tied solar inverter manufacturer. As stated on its website: “Our vision is to spur the widespread adoption of solar power by ensuring that [...]