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What is Our Energy Future?

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The New York Times Green Blog published a post a few weeks ago that we thought was worth summarizing and referencing here.  In “The Energy Future Ain’t What it Used To Be,” author Matthew W. Wald explains how the momentum towards shifting from coal and gas to renewable energy may be slowing, and why. Drawing [...]

Get a Green Job in the New Year


With the New Year, hopes are rising once again that the economy will turn around and unemployment numbers will drop (that and that the housing crisis will improve).  If you have been unemployed or under employed, 2011 could be your year to get a green job. Green jobs cover a broad spectrum of positions from [...]

New Technology to Power Hydrogen Fuel Cells


An alternative energy company based right here in my hometown of Bend, Oregon called “Element One,” recently announced plans to use new technology to power hydrogen fuel cells.  It will soon be mass-marketing a device that can create hydrogen from a mixture of water and methanol (also known as wood alcohol). The cool part?  The [...]

Greenasium: Power Your Own Exercise Equipment!


I am a huge fitness buff and when I’m not running outdoors, I enjoy the treadmill and indoor bicycle trainer.  Regular gyms require a lot of electricity and other energy to operate.  But at a new San Diego gym – Greenasium – patrons can both burn calories and power the gym.  There are 3 specialized [...]

Atmospheric Electricity to Power Your Home?


Electricity is in the air!  You know this is true, each time you witness a thunderstorm with bolts of lightening filling the skies.  But could you use atmospheric electricity to power your home? Researchers are working on technology that could someday draw electricity from thin air.  Building on centuries of research, theories and analysis in [...]

Can You Generate Electricity with Your Workout?

Students at the University of Oregon are working hard (literally) to find out the answer to a pressing question in today’s energy climate: can you generate electricity with your workout?  What would you do to keep the lights on at your home, while cutting utility costs? The University of Oregon Student Recreation Center has been [...]

Is Nuclear Power an Answer to the Energy Crisis?

Talk about nuclear power has been resurrected again with grim news about climate change and the push for energy independence for the United States.  In fact, an Oregon State University (OSU) professor, Brian Woods, claims that nuclear power has a bright future and advocates construction of nuclear power plants across the nation to meet “future [...]

Top 5 Myths About Corn-Based Ethanol

Top 5 Myths About Corn-Based Ethanol

Over the past year, alarming articles have been published linking high food prices to the demand for the alternative fuel, corn-based ethanol. Some have even positioned the issue as one of rich vs. poor. Rich Americans demand cheaper fuel for their gas-hogging SUVs, and then poor residents in other nations around the world go to [...]

A Green Economy

Turn on the news these days and all you’ll hear about is the economy – stock market losses, banks failing, unemployment on the rise. Surely there are tough times ahead. Some skeptics say that the current economic crisis is no time to talk about alternative energy and related investments. But the real experts advise that [...]