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Donate Land: Protect Wildlife Habitat


Did you know that you can help donate land to protect wildlife habitat?  That’s right.  Instead of worrying about news reports that tell you that habitat is diminishing at a rate to threaten endangered species, why not look to what you can do? According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, more than 85% of [...]

Solar Power Meets Art with the Flower Solar Street Lamp

The Flower Solar Street Lamp

We’ve posted a number of articles on solar street lamps and other solar powered lighting fixtures.  And solar art is becoming more popular with engineers making renewable energy beautiful, as well as functional. Meet the Flower Solar Street Lamp by Luis MRPS, the latest offering in the field where solar power meets art. Designed by [...]

Green Tree Houses for Kids


Looking for a way to get the kids outside?  Green tree houses are the way to go! Not only is it fun to play outdoors, climb trees and breathe fresh air, but these eco-friendly structures we found at this website by Barbara Butler are simply amazing!  Green tree houses for kids can be custom-made.  There [...]

Will Interest in Electric Cars Translate into Intent to Own Them?

Chevy Volt has a lot of consumers interested in the electric car

Recent polls and surveys show that Americans are quite interested in electric cars.  But, will they actually take the step to purchase and drive them?  At least one writer believes that consumer expectations are too high when it comes to EVs and that the battery-powered cars will not be able to deliver in the end.  [...]

Save the Panda Bears

Panda bears are critically endangered species

Should we save the Panda bears?  Even though the numbers of  Giant Pandas have declined to the point they are considered critically endangered, some have suggested that it is not worth the efforts to continue trying to revive the species. BBC naturalist, Chris Packham made this shocking statement to Radio Times Magazine: “Here’s a species [...]

Most Americans Support Higher Fuel Efficiency Standards

Fuel Efficiency Standards Help Save Energy

Rising gas prices this spring have taken a toll on the potential economic recovery and have led to many families cutting back plans for road trips this summer.  So, its probably not surprising that most Americans support higher fuel efficiency standards. A majority of those polled this spring stated that they support an Obama Administration [...]

Sustainable Fabrics: How Green Are Your Clothes?

Green clothes start with sustainable fabrics

Do you wear green clothes?  Are they made out of eco-friendly textiles? You might have heard about sustainable fabrics, but just where do they come from?  What makes them “sustainable?” Generally speaking, there are two main categories of textiles: plant-based and synthetics.  Each individual type of fabric has pros and cons with respect to price, [...]

How Net Metering Rewards Owners of Solar Panels

Net Metering Rewards People Who own Solar Panels

Have you heard about net metering?  Generally speaking, its the practice  – allowed by some utilities – of “turning back” your power meter when you generate more renewable electricity than you can use at the time. Let’s say you have solar panels on your home.  When you feed extra solar electricity into the grid, your [...]

Have a Green Fourth of July Celebration

How to Green your Fourth of July Celebrations

Happy July 4th!  If you live in the United States, its Independence Day, and you’ll have the day off for relaxing, barbecuing and enjoying a fireworks show.  If you’re looking for tips on how to have a green Fourth of July celebration, you’re in the right place! We’ve already posted an article with green summer [...]

Solar Panels Exempt from Sales Tax in Arizona

Save on solar panels in Arizona - tax-exempt!

Let’s face it.  Solar power is an investment, and the upfront costs can be daunting for some homeowners.  That’s why many renewable energy tax breaks and rebate programs are so attractive. In addition to incentives that have been offered the last few years, did you know that solar panels are exempt from sales tax in [...]

Greening Up those Kids all Summer Long!

Great ideas for greening your kids throughout the summer

By Jocelyn Anne It’s just about a given that summer is pretty much the best time of the year ever, especially if you’re a kid, but summer is also your chance, (mom & dad!) to not only have a blast with your kids but to take advantage of all that time to show them a [...]

5 Green Travel Tips for Low Impact Vacations

Bicycle for low impact travel

With summer here, many people are ready to get out of town for some vacation travel!  If you are looking for ways to lighten your carbon footprint while you explore new locations, consider these 5 green travel tips for low impact vacations: 1.  Plan a walking or bicycling tour.  Taking the slow, scenic route is [...]

Electric Vehicle Charging for Schools

Wouldn't you like to be able to charge your electric vehicle at schools?

Recently, I had a reader alert me to this new, (soon to be) non-profit organization called the “School Charging Program.”  The purpose of the program is to help fund construction of electric vehicle charging stations at schools across the U.S.  By building infrastructure in advance of demand, the School Charging Program is one of the [...]

Biodegradable Disposable Diapers: Convenience to Save the Planet

Biodegradable disposable diapers keep babies, parents and the Earth happy

Although its been years since my children were in diapers, I do recall the big disposable vs. cloth diaper debate.  Especially when I had my twins, considertions of convenience weighed heavily against the environmental impact of throwing away thousands of diapers throughout their baby years. Now, there are some pretty great biodegradable disposable diapers!  I [...]

How Safe is Your Sunscreen?

How safe is your sunscreen?

Ever wondered what all those labels mean on the bottles of sun protection lotion?  Do you know just how safe your sunscreen is? The sun protection factor (SPF) of any sunscreen is supposed to give you an idea of just how long it is advisable to stay outdoors before the potential of a sunburn arises.  [...]