Is China ahead of us in clean energy?

Is China ahead of us in clean energy? When it comes to transitioning to the clean energy future, China is somehow both well ahead and far behind the rest of the world. The sheer scale of the country is at the root of this paradox.

Why did Freeport Mcmoran need to sell its most prized Tenke Fungurume mine after investing billions of dollars of money in the mine? The Phoenix, Arizona-based miner needed to sell $3 billion of assets by mid-year to keep its debt unsecured. “It is a good price for the asset and it significantly improves their liquidity and their balance sheet,” Jefferies analyst Christopher LaFemina said.

Where does the US get its cobalt? U.S. cobalt imports

The largest cobalt deposits are found in the DR Congo, Australia, and Cuba. Cobalt is primarily produced in the DR Congo, which produced 120,000 metric tons in 2021, in comparison to Russia’s total production of 7,600 metric tons. This metal is commonly produced as a by-product of nickel mining.

Who owns the cobalt mines in the Congo? However, Cobalt is a unique commodity because it’s primarily controlled by only two countries: China and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The DRC supplies about 70 percent of the world’s Cobalt, but 80% of its industrial cobalt mines are owned or financed by Chinese companies.

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Where does Tesla get its cobalt?

In June 2020, Tesla signed a long-term deal to source cobalt from Glencore for its new “giga-factories” in Berlin and Shanghai.

Why does China want cobalt?

The mine figures prominently in the Chinese government’s effort to dominate major supply chains for minerals and metals needed in the production of batteries for electric vehicles. Cobalt is essential for electric vehicles because it extends battery range. It is now trading at a three-year high.

Who is mining cobalt in Congo?

KCC is the largest cobalt-producing mine in the world. Located in the heart of the DRC’s Katangan Copperbelt, each year, the mine churns out over 20,000 tons of the silvery metal used in cell phone, laptop, and electric car batteries.

Who owns the largest cobalt mines?

Glencore is the world’s largest cobalt-mining company, with total production in 2017 of 27,400 tonnes, and plans to increase output to 63,000 tonnes by 2020.

Who owns the copper mines in Congo?

Name Coordinates Private partners
Kamoto Mine 10.714798°S 25.385542°E Katanga Mining (Glencore) (75%) Gécamines (25%)
Kamoya Central
Kamoya South
Kananga Mine 10.666512°S 25.466394°E Katanga Mining (Glencore) (75%) Gécamines (25%)

Who owns the coltan mines in the Congo?

As of 2018, coltan’s main producers are Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Nigeria, Brazil and China. Australia, Canada and Mozambique are also important players. Thus, the task of supplying world coltan needs has fallen largely on conflict regions and underdeveloped countries.

Does Apple use coltan?

Apple believes it constitutes a “downstream” company in that Apple or its suppliers purchase cassiterite, columbite-tantalite (coltan), wolframite, gold, or their derivatives, which presently are limited to tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold related materials after processing by smelters or refiners.

How much is a kilo of coltan worth?

1kg costs around $100, but prices have historically been as high as $600 per kg. A Congolese Coltan miner can earn up to $200 per month.

Is coltan used in the iPhone?

In the iPhone and other electronic devices, coltan is used in the production of tantalum capacitors, which store charge better than normal capacitors, improving battery life. The politics: After oil and water, coltan might soon be among the world’s most contested resources.

Why is coltan so valuable?

Use and demand

Coltan is used primarily for the production of tantalum capacitors, used in many electronic devices. Coltan is important in the production of mobile phones; tantalum capacitors are used in almost every kind of electronic device.

Where is most coltan found?

Approximately 80% of the world’s supply of Coltan is found in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Coltan is mined by hand in the Congo. Their methods are very similar to how gold was mined in California during the 1800s.

Does Apple use child labor?

The computer giant company, Apple, has admitted that child labor was used at the factories that built its computers, iPods and mobile phones. At least eleven 15-year-old children were discovered to be working last year in three factories, which supply Apple.

Is Nike still using child labor?

Nike admits it cannot ensure that none of its contractors will use child labour, and says the issue is the “most vexing” problem it faces. “Our goal is to continue to do everything we can to eradicate child labour in our contract factories, but we can be certain that cases will occur,” the report states.

Does Disney use child labor?

However, the most surprising fact is that while the Walt Disney Company sells products that are catered towards making children happy, the company actually uses sweatshops and child labor to produce their products in developing countries.

Does Amazon use child labor?

1. Young Labor. Amazon does not tolerate the use of child labor. Suppliers are required to engage workers who are: (i) 15 years old, (ii) the age of completion of compulsory education, or (iii) the minimum age to work in the country where work is performed, whichever is greater.

Does H&M use child labor?

H&M and Gap industries are both terrible companies because they both uses child labor.

Does Amazon support slavery?

We do not tolerate the use of child labor, forced labor, or human trafficking in any form—including slave labor, prison labor, indentured servitude, or bonded labor—in our operations or value chain.

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