How do you recycle batteries in Sunnyvale?

How do you recycle batteries in Sunnyvale? 

Battery Recycling Locations in SUNNYVALE , California
  1. PEP BOYS – SUNNYVALE. 170 E EL CAMINO REAL. SUNNYVALE CA 94087. Phone: (408) 774-0159.
  2. O’REILLY AUTO PARTS. 576 SOUTH MURPHY AVENUE. SUNNYVALE CA 94086-6116. Phone: (408) 739-1282.
  3. O’REILLY AUTO PARTS. 813 EAST EL CAMINO REAL. SUNNYVALE CA 94087-2937. Phone: (408) 739-9892.

How do I dispose of batteries in the Bay Area? All batteries in California must be taken to a Household Hazardous Waste disposal facility, a universal waste handler, or an authorized recycling facility.

Where can you safely dispose of batteries? In most communities, alkaline and zinc carbon batteries can be safely put in your household trash. EPA recommendation: send used alkaline and zinc carbon batteries to battery recyclers or check with your local or state solid waste authority.

How do you dispose of batteries in Cupertino? Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Program

Cupertino residents may schedule an appointment for drop-off by calling the Santa County HHW Program at (408) 299-7300 or visiting

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How do you dispose of light bulbs in Santa Clara?

Residents with front-load bin service may drop off batteries at any Santa Clara Fire Station seven days a week from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Fluorescent bulb curbside collection: Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL’s) can be placed in a zip-lock bag next to your recycling cart on your regular collection day.

How do I dispose of paint in Santa Clara?

Make a Free Drop-off Appointment

Visit the Santa Clara County Household Hazardous Waste Program website or call (408) 299-7300 to schedule a free drop-off appointment.

How do you recycle batteries in San Jose?

Place batteries in Zipblock bag on top of recycle bin. Unincorporated Residents, please call GreenWaste Recovery (408) 938-4970. Businesses–please call 800-207-8222 and ask for a business drop-off.

What can be recycled in Santa Clara?

What Goes in the Recycling? corrugated cardboard & paper boxes – large or multiple pieces should be flattened and/or cut • shredded paper – in a paper bag, secured with a staple • junk mail • newspaper • phonebooks & catalogs • dairy cartons • aseptic boxes – juice, soup & soy milk • books up to 40 lbs.

How do I dispose of furniture in Santa Clara County?

​Santa Clara County has over 200 recycling centers that accept a wide variety of items. To find the appropriate recycling center nearest you, call the County Recycling Hotline at 1-800-533-8414 or go to​ to find where and how to recycle your items.

How do I dispose of paint near me?

California residents and businesses can now recycle leftover paint for free at local retail stores. For locations and program details, visit or call 855-724-6809. You may also dispose of unused oil and latex paint by doing the following: Drop off at a mobile Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event.

How do I dispose of a mattress in Santa Clara?

Call 877-708-8329 or Book Online for Santa Clara Mattress Disposal today. Nearby Service Areas: Berkeley, CA.

How do I dispose of a refrigerator in Santa Clara County?

Visit or call ARCA Recycling, Inc. at 1-888-541-0415 to schedule your free pick up. Visit or call 408-244-SAVE (7283) for complete program details.

Are old cosmetics hazardous waste?

There are actually many of our everyday cosmetics and personal care products that are considered hazardous waste. Meaning it needs to be brought to a recycling center for proper disposal.

Is it OK to pour shampoo down the drain?

Even though most cleaning products are liquid, they should never be poured down the drain because they contain harmful chemicals.

Is it OK to pour perfume down the drain?

Perfume, cologne, and aftershave are considered hazardous

If disposed of improperly (e.g. poured down the drain or into the toilet), this deadly combination of ingredients has the potential to bypass the water treatment process and end up in our surface and groundwater.

Can you pour Hairspray down the drain?

You might be wondering, “Is it OK to pour old beauty products down the drain?” The short answer is no.

Can I dump butter down the sink?

Here is a list of items that should never go down your drain: Fats. Fats come from a variety of sources, including dairy products, meat trimmings, butter, shortening and peanut butter. They solidify at room temperatures and will do so in your drain, causing slow or clogged drains.

What should you not put down a bathroom sink?

Here are some of the things people commonly put down their drains that should not go in your household plumbing.
  • Flushable Kitty Litter.
  • Coffee grounds.
  • Eggshells.
  • Grease, fat and oils.
  • Produce Stickers.
  • Cotton Balls and Paper Towels.
  • Condoms.
  • Household Fluids.

Is it illegal to pour oil down the drain?

The first problem of pouring used cooking oil down the drain is that it is illegal. Dumping oil can lead to hefty fines and possible shutdowns. Pouring oil liquid oil down the drain hardens in the pipes and can create fatbergs. As the oil travels along your pipes, it leaves tough residue that builds up over time.

Can you pour vinegar down the drain?

Vinegar. Vinegar is both safe and beneficial to pour down your drain. It acts as a natural cleaning solution and can remove blockages and harmful bacteria that cause foul odors.

Why can’t you put paint in a skip?

Unfortunately paint is one of the few items that cannot be disposed of in a skip. Due to the composite substances it is considered a hazardous material, meaning you can’t just include it with your other household waste or throw it away using other traditional means.