How do you make spore gas in the lair Evil Genius 2?

How do you make spore gas in the lair Evil Genius 2? 

What does the coffee cup mean on Evil Genius 2? For example, a coffee cup makes little sense on its own for indicating a minion is suffering from low morale, but it is the Staff Room, with that icon, where you can place objects to help raise morale. There are other means of manipulating morale, but that is the explanation for the icon.

How do you recruit Dr Magnolia Ming? Unlocking Dr. Ming. You do not need to do anything special to get her quest; she will show up with the second batch of henchman quests. Should the player have not completed Dr.

What does resolve mean in Evil Genius 2? Resolve: Represents their commitment to work. Agents reduced to zero resolve will forget about work and leave the island. Additionally, if an agent’s resolve is reduced to zero, their suspicion is reset back to zero as well. The lower an agent’s resolve, the more likely an interrogation on them will succeed.

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What is the best lair in Evil Genius 2?

Montañas Gemelas
  • It has the highest total digging area.
  • It has scenic views to draw attention away from your Cover Operation.
  • The stone bridge serves as a choking point for effective defense.

How do you keep morale in high Evil Genius 2?

Minions can regain lost morale in a few ways. The tier one morale stat can be restored in two rooms, the Barracks, and the Staff Room. Using Beds and using the Eg-Tv will restore morale up to 50. This applies to any minion.

How do you get good at Evil Genius 2?

How do you fix the power in Evil Genius 2?

To avoid running out of power for your lair in Evil Genius 2 you’ll want to expand your Power Station and build additional generators. Early on the basic generator only provides +10 Power per unit, but it only costs 3,000 Gold to build.

How do you gain loyalty in evil genius?

Minions can recover loyalty simply by observing the Evil Genius perform evil acts. An interrogation, slaying agents, admiring stolen loot, or watching as he or she executes an underling all have positive auras which raise the loyalty stat of your minions.

How do I heal my genius in Evil Genius 2?

If the Evil Genius loses all health points, the game is over. The Evil Genius can regain his/her own health points by sitting in their chair or walking around in their Inner Sanctum.

How do you cure henchman?

Healing Henchmen

When you have the conference table, the Henchmen will automatically go and rest at it whenever their health is low. On top of that, you can order them to go to it by clicking on the Henchmen, then right-clicking on the conference table.

How do you execute in evil genius?

How do I get rid of planted evidence in Evil Genius 2?

The only way to get rid of them permanently is by completing their side stories, which does take a while. Their squad, however, is fair game, both for interrogation and brainwashing. The latter gives you specialized minions like Valets or Technicians.

How do you test fire Midas Evil Genius 2?

How do you get the scientist in Evil Genius 2?

Scientists use a Whiteboard to train a Technician to become a Scientist in the Training Room. A Scientist Hostage is required to train your first scientist. The hostage missions can be found in Central Russia and Antartica.

How do you buy a country in Evil Genius 2?

How do you unlock new minions?

Simply open up the systems menu, and then navigate to Objectives. Then, go to Side Stories and look for missions that have Minion Recruitment under their name. These are the ones that you will need to finish to get new minions.

How do I train workers in Evil Genius 2?

How do I get guards in evil genius?