How do I find out if something is recyclable in my area?

How do I find out if something is recyclable in my area? 

Check Locally
  1. Check printed materials from your local government or recycling provider.
  2. Browse the website of your local government or recycling provider.
  3. Call your local government or recycling provider.

What is recyclable in Orange County? 

Place only these recyclable items in the roll cart with the blue lid:
  • PLASTIC. Bottles, jugs, and tubs labeled #1 – #5.
  • METAL CANS. Tin, aluminum, and steel.
  • GLASS. Bottles and jars.
  • CARDBOARD. Flattened corrugated boxes.
  • PAPER. Newspapers and advertisements. Paper bags. Junk mail. Magazines and catalogs. Office/note paper.

How do I dispose of a mattress in Irvine? 

These include:
  1. Free Residential Mattress Recycling at OC Landfills.
  2. Residential Bulky Item Pick Up.
  3. Commercial Mattress Recycling at OC Landfills.
  4. Retailer Take Back.

Is Styrofoam recyclable Irvine? Styrofoam (polystyrene) is being recycled every day and access to recycling programs is increasing. However, your curbside recycle bin may not be the right place to recycle it.

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Should I cut straws before throwing away?

Microplastics also get ingested by animals—including us. And they’re as bad for us as they are for the environment. That’s why properly disposing of straws is so important. If you can cut them out completely, more power to you.

Are milk cartons recyclable in Orange County?

Flat-top (aseptic) cartons, Gable-top cartons and tetra pak cartons can all be recycled with single-stream recycling. These cartons are commonly used for milk, juice and broth. Cartons must be empty and rinsed.

Can you recycle Styrofoam in California?

All plastic grocery bags can be placed in the blue bins. This includes clear dry cleaner bags. All clean Styrofoam can be recycled, including block, egg shell, and clam packaging. Finally, other plastics can be recycled, including plastic coat hangers, toys, swimming pools and laundry baskets.

Can you recycle Styrofoam?

Styrofoam can be recycled, and there are many ways to recycle styrofoam. One way to recycle styrofoam is to use it to make new products. Styrofoam can be used to make new products such as pens, picture frames and egg cartons.

What can I do with a large piece of Styrofoam?

Donate it. Go to, type in “polystyrene” and your zip code, and it will tell you where your closest drop-off site is. The Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers (AFPR) has a list of centers that will accept your excess EPS via mail.

Why is Styrofoam not recyclable?

Why Can’t You Recycle Polystyrene? There are two reasons polystyrene (EPS) is not recyclable or allowed in recycle bins: density and contamination. Polystyrene foam is 95% air so it is not cost-effective to store or ship. It is often contaminated with food or drink, and it is difficult to clean because it is so porous.

Can you recycle pizza boxes?

Your takeaway pizza box can go in the recycling bin, even if it has grease on it. But if there is any part of the box that is contaminated with food, tear it off and place it in the food waste bin. These cannot be recycled.

Should you microwave Styrofoam?

Although Styrofoam containers are popular for take-out, it may not be safe to microwave these containers because of styrene, a compound used to make polystyrene. Because styrene has been linked to cancer, microwaving Styrofoam can be unsafe.

Can you recycle glass?

Glass that can be recycled:

Jars and bottles for example: glass tomato sauce and mayonnaise bottles, glass coffee, jam or pickle jars; glass cooldrink bottles, beer and wine bottles.

Does bubble wrap recycle?

Is bubble wrap recyclable? Bubble wrap isn’t currently recyclable and should be put in the waste bin.

Can coffee jars be recycled?

Reusing your coffee jar. If you’ve ever looked at your empty NESCAFÉ jars and asked yourself, “How do you reuse a coffee jar?” you’re in the right place. There’s so much more you can do than just recycling – and even then, NESCAFÉ jars and lids are 100% recyclable.

What can not be recycled?

Items that cannot be recycled:
  • Plastic bags or recyclables inside plastic bags.
  • Takeaway coffee cups.
  • Disposable nappies.
  • Garden waste.
  • Polystyrene (foam)
  • Bubble wrap.
  • Syringes or medical waste.
  • Dead animals.

Are toothpaste boxes recyclable?

Paperboard products are recyclable as cardboard. These include: Soap boxes. Toothpaste boxes.

What are 10 things you can’t recycle?

10 Things You Can’t Recycle and Sustainable Alternatives to Replace Them
  • Disposable coffee cups.
  • Paper receipts.
  • Squeezable tubes.
  • Dirty pizza boxes and styrofoam containers.
  • Paper straws.
  • Crisps/chips packets.
  • Make-up removal pads.
  • Sticky notes.

Are toothpaste tubes recyclable?

If your tube has one of these symbols, then recycling is easy. Simply squeeze out as much of the toothpaste from the tube as you can, put the cap back on and place the tube in your recycling bin. Our tube recycles with #2 HDPE plastics. Please don’t cut open the toothpaste tube to try and remove excess toothpaste!

Are dental floss containers recyclable?

Mouthwash and Dental Floss Containers

Most are made from easy-to-recycle #1 plastic. Your local curbside recycling program likely accepts them. Your local recycling center many not accept dental floss containers, which are often made from trickier #5 plastic.

Can you recycle floss picks?

Dental floss picks are made from hard plastic, and cannot be recycled due to their mixed material nature. Once single use dental picks have been used, both dental floss and pick must be thrown away.