How do I dispose of appliances in Los Angeles?

How do I dispose of appliances in Los Angeles? 

To schedule these items for pick-up, please call 1-800-773-2489 at least one day before your regular collection day.

Items that LASAN can pick up include:

  1. Refrigerators.
  2. Washers.
  3. Dryers.
  4. Dishwashers.
  5. Air conditioners.
  6. Water heaters.
  7. Heaters.

How do I get rid of appliances near me? 

These are your best options.
  1. Transfer Station. If your city offers appliance recycling services, they will typically have recycling stations for large appliances at a local transfer station or dump.
  2. Local Scrap Metal Retailers.
  3. Retailers.
  4. Utility Provider.

Will Ladwp pick up refrigerator? Call ARCA or visit the department’s website at to schedule a refrigerator pick-up. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Fees for service will vary.

Does SCE pick up old refrigerators? SCE offers their customers free appliance pick-up and a $35 incentive for disposing of an old working refrigerator and $50 for disposing of an old working freezer. The only requirement is that collected refrigerators and freezers be in working condition and that their size be between 10 and 27 cubic feet.

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How do you get rid of a refrigerator for free near me?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also has a program designed to provide free pick up and removal of appliances including refrigerators. You can check their website directory for any agencies near you that might be offering this service. Another option might be the retailer you purchase a new refrigerator from.

What can I do with my old fridge?

First and foremost, if your old fridge is in working order, you could give it to a friend, neighbour or family member. There are also a number of websites dedicated to reusing working appliances such as Freecycle. Some second-hand dealers may be interested in your appliance if it’s in good condition.

Do scrap metal take fridges?

Can I take my old fridge to the scrap yard? In most cases your local scrap metal yard will not accept fridges for recycling. This is due to fridges requiring specialist treatment when being recycled. Unfortunately they are not worth a value as scrap.

Will the scrap man take my fridge freezer?

the answer is yes! However they cannot be scrapped at scrap yards, this is due to a combination of the gasses/expanded foam insulation & plastics in them, it simply costs more to dispose of those than scrap metal value of the metal content.

How do you scrap a fridge?

Who will pick up old refrigerator for free UK?

Here at Scrap my Appliance we come and remove your old unwanted appliances and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. Our 2 man team will collect any appliances located inside or outside your property. At, we are experts in responsible appliance removal.

Are vintage refrigerators worth anything?

As with all appliances in the 21st century, antique and vintage fridges are typically worth a couple thousand dollars unrestored and a few thousand more when restored. Even restored refrigerators shouldn’t be reaching the $10,000 mark, so if you see a listing with that steep of a price, you should head for the hills.

How do you drain Freon from a refrigerator?

How do you disassemble a refrigerator for scrap?

Are broken refrigerators worth anything?

A 200-pound refrigerator might get you $30, if the price per pound was 15 cents. Meanwhile, the top grade of copper might be worth as much as $3.50 per pound.

What is the best thing to scrap for money?

What Are The Most Valuable Things To Scrap?
  • 1) Aluminum. One of the most profitable items to scrap this year is aluminum.
  • 2) Copper. Copper is one of the most valuable things to scrap that you can easily find around your home.
  • 3) Brass.
  • 4) Lead.
  • 5) Stainless Steel.
  • 6) Platinum Jewelry.
  • 7) Used Appliances.
  • 8) Old Tools.

Can you make money off of broken fridge?

Sell it For Scrap Metal

Do a little research online to find a company (or person) offering cash for old appliances. Having your old fridge (and other appliances, for that matter) broken down for parts does planet Earth a favor, too, by reducing landfill waste.

How can I make money with old appliances?

  1. 9 Unique Ways to Sell Used Appliances Near You (For Cash) Here are the top 9 places to start selling your used appliances.
  2. Sell Your Appliances Using Facebook Marketplace.
  3. Sell to Local Appliance Stores.
  4. Check with Resellers.
  5. Have a Garage Sale.
  6. Sell to Scrap Metal Recyclers.
  7. Recycle For a Reward.
  8. Use 1-800-GOT-JUNK.

How can I make money with broken appliances?

These are some of the ways that you can start making cash off of used appliances.
  1. Haul Off Old Appliances for Scrap. If you have a pick-up truck — and if possible, a trailer — then you can make money picking up old appliances and selling them for scrap.
  2. Fix Old Appliances and Re-Sell.
  3. Buy Cheap and Sell Higher.

Can you get money for an old washer?

Owners can donate the appliances or recycle them or even make some money by selling them. Some businesses will buy used washers and dryers, whether they are working or not. Of course, the washers and dryers that are still operational are more valuable than those that are not.

Do scrappers take washing machines?

Large household appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, and freezers contain large amounts of valuable metal that can be sold as scrap.

What can I do with my old washer and dryer?

There are many ways to get rid of old appliances, depending on the condition of the item.
  1. Donate it to charity. If it still works, try donating it to a local charity.
  2. Sell it. If your item is in good working condition, you could try to sell it online.
  3. Recycle it.
  4. Use a junk removal company.