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Going green — By Amy on November 18, 2009 at 6:27 am
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Upcycling Barbie begins...

On the way to the bus stop Friday morning, my 10-year-old was going on (and on) about how she no longer likes Barbie. She hates her. Problem is, she has a very large box full of  Barbies, accessories and various stuff. Even if I let her little sisters pick over and help themselves to what they want, there will be leftovers.

So I posed the question: “What should we do with the barbies? There must be some way we can put them to good use.”

“Let’s upcycle Barbie!” She was more than enthusiastic about the idea. Unfortunately, all of her suggestions begin with “Let’s pop her head off and then….”

It just didn’t feel right to me. Upon further research, it seems that everyone is doing just that. I guess she had it coming to her for decades of haunting us with her perky little smile and skinny little waist.

Here’s what some other people have chosen to do with their old Barbies. Some are cute but some of them are freaky (well, what did you expect?):

First up, my favorite: Upcycle Barbie’s old shoes into cute little earrings. My daughter could even make these herself. The only problem with this idea is a lack of matching shoes. My vacuum likes to eat them.

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Upcycle Barbie shoes into earrings

This piece, by artist Margaux Lange is part of her Plastic Body Series:

kissnecklace Upcycling Barbie

Upcycled Barbie and Ken faces

Margaux  has also created more provocative jewelery with Barbie and Ken:

barbiebust Upcycling Barbie

Upcycled Barbie Pendant

I’m not sure who would want to wear that, but it is uh,  interesting. The next piece has a function, but I’m not sure I would want to look at Barbie’s legs every time I went to put on my jewelry. Didn’t she torture us enough in her first incarnation?

il 430xN.88771097 Upcycling Barbie

Legz Jewelry Holder by luxfor on Esty.com

Most bizarre of all is this hair chandelier. That’s just my own opinion so if you want one hanging over your dining room table for all to admire while trying to eat, please, by all means, go for it!

barbie hair chandelier Upcycling Barbie

Barbie Hair Chandelier by Jonathan Adler

Yeah, a little heavy on the hairspray for my causal dining plans.

Any ideas for me? I still haven’t come up with a suitable way to upcycle the box full of Barbies that are taking up space in my daughter’s closet.

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