Stress-Free Poultry Coming to a Grocer Near You?

Going green — By Stephanie on October 23, 2010 at 6:31 am
chicken farm Stress Free Poultry Coming to a Grocer Near You?

Does your chicken come from a stress-free farm?

When you purchase chicken at the supermarket, you probably examine the label to see whether it is free-range, organic, antibiotic-free, and/or local.  There’s now another category from which shoppers can chose when selecting poultry at their supermarket:  stress-free.

You read that correctly!  The New York Times reported this week that two chicken producers – Bell & Evans in Pennsylvania and Mary’s Chickens in California – are moving to a more humane method of slaughtering chickens.  If you are an animal-loving, non-vegetarian, you might feel better that the last minutes of your dinner’s life was not spent in distress.

According to the article:

“The new system uses carbon dioxide gas to gently render the birds unconscious before they are hung by their feet to have their throats split, sparing them the potential suffering associated with conventional slaughter methods.”

poultry big Stress Free Poultry Coming to a Grocer Near You?

There are more humane ways to raise and kill chicken

O.K., now I am not feeling that much better knowing about how the chicken we eat ended their lives.

In fact, that’s the biggest challenge facing the chicken farms that are moving to stress-free slaughter…. How do you convey the benefits of a certain killing method for the meat that we are considering purchasing?  Not surprisingly, most people don’t want those details.

How about these labels for marketing:  “controlled atmosphere stunning,” or “sedation stunning.”  Alternatively, companies are considering the less descriptive, “humanely processed,” or “humanely handled.”  Any of them speaking to you??

chickens outside 080808 Stress Free Poultry Coming to a Grocer Near You?

Why did the chicken cross to the other side?

No matter how you label it, certainly we can agree that its more humane to limit the stress of an animal before the end of its life.  Not only is that better for us as consumers (and human beings), but its beneficial to workers at chicken farms, as well.

If you want to learn more about humane slaughter of chickens, visit the New York Times article, “New Way to Help Chickens Cross to the Other Side.”

I’m going to spare you the details of how the system works, or its alleged benefits.   That’s up to you as a consumer to decide…. But just maybe you’ll consider looking for stress-free poultry next time you head to the grocery store!

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