Smart Energy Control Units Educate Consumers and Save Power

Going green — By Stephanie on November 11, 2010 at 6:40 am
electricity meter  1123210c Smart Energy Control Units Educate Consumers and Save Power

Electricity meters turn more slowly with smart energy control units

Just like a dieter needs to keep track of food consumption, if you are looking to save energy and reduce home energy use, a smart energy control unit can educate you on your energy habits and help you cut back.

In fact, with devices like the Wattbox and Microsoft Hohm, households have seen an immediate reduction of up to 20% of energy usage, simply by providing immediate feedback on energy consumption.  Energy efficiency has never been so easy!

What can these smart energy control units do?  They can help educate you on home heating controls – finding the prime times to adjust the thermostats to save the most energy – as well managing as hot water usage.  Heating our homes and water are some of the biggest energy hogs.  These devices can also help homeowners maximize savings from solar panels and other renewable energy investments.

Instead of using thermostats and timers, smart energy control units make it easier for homeowners to cut fuel costs.  In fact, the Wattbox actually learns homeowners’ energy use habits and then establishes energy settings accordingly, even taking into account the outside temperature.  Water will be started to be heated at the exact time you usually use hot water, too.

Lest you worry about whether you’ll be too cold or too hot with automatic settings, you can adjust up or down, as needed.

Getting back to the original analogy – by showing people exactly what they are taking in, you can actually change habits.  Whether we are talking calories or watts, consumers need to be able to have a realistic idea of what they are consuming at their home.

Once the cold, hard facts are in place, meaningful changes can take place.

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