Reuse Instead of Recycling Junk Mail

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Every day, its there waiting for you.  Junk mail. If you’re like me, you probably don’t even take it into the house, just swing by the recycling bin and toss it in.

But what if you could reuse instead of recycling junk mail?  Save the energy that it takes to recycle the 100 billion or so pieces of unsolicited credit card offers and catalogs that find their way into our mailboxes and turn them into something useful.

junk mail Reuse Instead of Recycling Junk Mail

What to do with all the junk mail you receive

Here’s a list of re-purposing ideas for junk mail, and even newspaper.

1. Warm Yourself by the Fire

By itself, junk mail will burn, but it probably won’t keep you warm for long.  But if you use the Newspaper Brick Maker, you can create paper bricks that burn like wood.  If you don’t want to make paper logs, just use shredded paper to help get the fire going in your fireplace.

2. Pack Valuables with Care

After you shred your junk mail, use it instead of styrofoam to help pack, ship or store fragile items.  Much more ec0-friendly than the alternative.

3. Wood chip replacements

Instead of buying wood chips to use in cages for small animals, go with shredded junk mail.  Free and animal-friendly!  You can also donate your shredded paper to the local animal shelter.

One of our favorite ways of recycling junk mail is to use it in the garden.

4. Weed Out the Credit Card Offers in the Garden

Applying a thin layer of mail or newspaper around plants, and then covering it with soil or leaves will help keep weeds down without the need for chemicals.  Choose between whole sheets of paper, or shredded junk mail for your natural mulch alternative.

5. Seedling Pots from Junk Mail

The PotMaker is a cool little gadget that you can use to turn junk mail into seedling pots.  After your plants are ready to go into the garden, the paper will simply decompose.  No need for plastic pots, which can be wasteful.

6. Go Artistic

Have kids?  Have them cut up your junk mail and make mosaics or other designs with words or colors.  You can also create fun bookmarks with pieces of paper from the mailbox.  Decorate with pens, stickers or the like.  If you want them to last longer, use a laminating machine.

Have any creative ideas for reusing instead of recycling junk mail?  Share in the comments below!

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