Reduce Your Air Conditioning Energy Usage

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With summer right around the corner (trust me on this), its time to consider how to reduce your air conditioning energy usage.  Did you realize that A/C alone is responsible for 15% of all energy consumption in the U.S.?  That requires close to the equivalent of the amount of fossil fuels the entire continent of Africa uses on an annual basis!

cool home Reduce Your Air Conditioning Energy Usage

Keep your house cool and save some cool cash

There are a few ways to cut energy use while still keeping your house comfortable.  Using these tips, you save energy and take a vacation from high electricity bills:

1.  Use a whole house fan.  Stand-alone fans and ceiling fans are great, but a whole house fan can help bring cool outside air in in the morning and after the sun goes down.  They can also help reduce the temperature in the attic by pushing hot air out, which can help the entire house feel cooler.  Early in the day (until about 11 or 12), and then mid-evening from 7-9 p.m., you can switch off the air conditioning and run the fan to keep temperatures comfortable.

2. Cool only your bedroom.  With stand-alone fans, or even a single room air conditioning unit, you can keep your sleeping quarters cool, while allowing the rest of the house to stay a bit warmer.  This will allow you to switch off the overall A/C in the house, reducing your overall energy use.

3.  Check home ducts.  Make sure they are sealed to prevent leaks.  This will both help keep your home cool during summer and warm over winter months.  Its a good idea to check them on an annual basis.  Easy, inexpensive fixes can be caught and corrected now!

For more ideas to help you reduce your air conditioning energy use, consider passive solar measures:

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