Smart Phones? Meet the EN-V, One Smart Vehicle!

Going green, Peachy — By Stephanie on January 15, 2011 at 6:29 am
General Motors EN V concepts 2 300x177 Smart Phones?  Meet the EN V, One Smart Vehicle!

GM's concept vehicle: EN-V

Fresh back from the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) this week in Detroit, Michigan, I can tell you that the hottest thing this year is electric cars.  Every manufacturer on the floor displayed a new EV or PEHV that is either available for sale now, or will be coming out soon.

But one new development takes electric cars a step further!  Have a smart phone?  Why not a smart vehicle too?

The two-seat Electric-Networked Vehicle (EN-V) from General Motors can help you avoid the gas station, as well as traffic congestion.  In fact, it can even park itself.  You don’t have to be in the driver’s seat, either!  Wonder if it shines your shoes, too?

Sure, its a little robotic-looking, but the concept car could revolutionize the way we get to work and run errands around town:

This green James-Bondesque vehicle was not showcased at NAIAS – in fact, the amazing gadgetry of the car made it more appropriate to unveil at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas the first week of January.  The EN-V can be driven in “manual” mode with a driver, or without!

The commuter-vehicle is best suited for shorter distances on municipal roads.  Its an electric car with a limited 25 miles on a single charge, that can reach about 25 miles an hour.  Lest you scoff at the usefulness of a vehicle like that, consider that the market is aimed for those that have short trips, are concerned about the environment and would rather drive than ride a bicycle.  The price will be quite competitive, as well.

GM has included advanced technology developed by OnStar that allows the EN-V to “talk” to other cars, scope out potential parking places and even avoid traffic!

Its an exciting green commuter alternative!

You’ll have to wait a bit, however.  GM has not yet announced when the EN-V will be available for consumers.

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