LED Bulbs as Green as Advertised

Going green, Peachy — By Stephanie on December 1, 2009 at 6:45 am
0Philips MASTER LED 284x300 LED Bulbs as Green as Advertised

All LED Bulbs are Green!

With all the eco-friendly products on the market, there have been concerns about “greenwashing” – claims that a product is more environmentally sound than it actually is.

Energy efficient lighting is one area that has raised doubts in the past.  However, this week the results of a comprehensive study confirm that LED bulbs are as green as advertised!

Researchers at Osram determined that the production of LED light bulbs does not, in fact, require more energy than needed for standard incandescent bulbs.  In other words, not only do LEDs reduce electrical usage by consumers, but energy is also saved at the “front end,” during the manufacturing process.

Chief executive of Phillips Lighting North America, Kaj den Daas, commented:

“We welcome these kinds of studies.  [The Osram study] provides facts where we often have only emotional evidence.”

With this confirmation, you’ll now know for sure that using LED bulbs will reduce energy demands by 20% over “regular” light bulbs, over the entire life of the bulb.  Stated another way, you would need 5 times the energy to light up an incandescent bulb than an LED lamp.  This doesn’t even include the fact that LEDs last many times longer than other light bulbs – meaning you also save money by replacing them less often.

Now that we know that there truly is a significant difference in energy requirements for the different types of light bulbs, from manufacturing to end users, we’ll continue to see the LED market grow.  And its only the beginning! R&D is continuing towards  even more efficient LED bulbs.  However, incandescent technology has stalled; over then past 10 years, efficiency of these bulbs has not increased.

Time to hit the hardware stores – pick up your LEDs and be confident that its an all-around green, energy-efficient product!

How much energy will you save this year?

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