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Going green, Peachy — By Stephanie on February 16, 2010 at 1:26 am
wattbox Home Energy Diet Coach

The Wattbox can help you save energy

Want to trim fat from your home energy use and save on your monthly utility bills?  If so, you’ll need support.  Just like any individual embarking on implementing new life strategies, many people are realizing that a home energy “diet” coach is just the thing to help them realize significant energy savings.  What if you could have Jenny Craig help you with your electricity bill?

I’m talking about so-called smart control units that not only learn your consumption habits, but also give you immediate feedback on your energy usage.  The Wattbox could be just like thing that a dieter needs most … someone watching every morsel you put into your mouth.

The invention is a smart control unit that learns your energy habits and keeps an eye over your shoulder to provide immediate  feedback of your consumption.  And, its a part of an innovative approach to energy efficient home improvements that has been supported by a grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Wattbox will help homeowners program and monitor thermostat controls in an optimal way to cut costs.  The automated system helps ensure success, for even the most technologically-challenged person.  Amazingly, the invention resulted in additional savings of up to 14% in heating and hot water costs.  Its like your own, personal smart meter!

Just like keeping a food journal helps people cut back on food consumption and lose weight, the Wattbox can give immediate feedback to consumers to encourage them to cut home energy use.

Perhaps “simple” is the bottom line:

Allowing people to save energy without needing to understand the science is one of the key benefits of the Wattbox. This makes it particularly useful for encouraging people to adopt green technologies, such as heat pumps and solar hot water heating, which can be alienating in their complexity.

Immediate results and a straightforward approach can help save energy in more ways than one.  The less people have to think about going green, the better.  When they have a device helping them do the work, in the end it could, indeed, be “easy to be green.”

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