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Going green, Peachy — By Stephanie on October 21, 2009 at 6:25 am
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Use Microsoft Hohm to help save home energy costs

A new, free service from Microsoft will have you tracking the energy use at your own Hohm sweet Hohm.

No – its not a typo.  “Hohm,” which is pronounced “home,” is an easy, online tool that you can use to help you save energy and manage your home energy usage.  And yes – there is no cost to you as the consumer!

Microsoft Hohm can conveniently help you improve energy efficiency at your house by providing energy saving recommendations that are specific to your household and practices.  Just visit the website and fill out an online profile.  Hohm will not only track your energy usage, it will also provide estimated costs for DIY projects, and annual savings to help you with your budget.

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Get energy saving recommendations from Microsoft Hohm

All you need to confirm when you sign up with Microsoft Hohm is whether your utility is a participating energy provider.  If so, you can track how much electricity you use on a daily basis.

Think of it just like online banking!  A few clicks and you can see where you are leaking energy, and then make adjustments accordingly.  In fact, the software is much like the Quicken money management program.  Some reviewers have even given Microsoft kudos on the name for its new product – much more clever than Google PowerMeter.

So far, providers including Puget Sound Energy, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Seattle City Light and Xcel Energy have signed on.  What about in your area?  Perhaps its time to nudge your utility towards this innovative way to help their customers improve energy efficiency.  Every little bit helps – not only the environment, but the “green” in your wallet too.  Can’t you convert your house into a Hohm Sweet Hohm?

Because Microsoft Hohm is so new, you can keep up with information as it breaks by following Hohm on Twitter and/or becoming a fan on Facebook.

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