Grow an Easy Herb Garden Using Soda Bottles

Going green, Green kids — By Stephanie on July 28, 2010 at 5:45 am
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Mike's hanging planters created from recycled soda bottles (photo credit Mike Lieberman)

Growing plants is one of my kids’ favorite, healthy summertime activities.  Fresh, home-grown fruits, vegetables and herbs can be incorporated into your own recipes for tasty family meals.  But what if you don’t have room in your yard for a plot?  Why not use recycled soda bottles to grow your own hanging plants?

My friend Mike Lieberman has a great idea that he’s described at his website, The Urban Organic Gardener.  As demonstrated on the YouTube video below, all you need to grow an easy herb garden using soda bottles are: (1) 2-liter plastic bottles; (2) duct tape; (3) twine; (4) potting soil; and (5) selected herb seeds.  Smaller vegetables (zucchini, tomatoes) will work, as well.

Note:  Children under age 13 will need adult assistance, and should not use knives or razors on their own!

Read Mike’s entire post at the Urban Organic Gardener here.  Have fun growing your own hanging plant garden!

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