Green Your Office Routine

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Green your office routine

At home, you may recycle your newspaper, cardboard and aluminum cans.  You can turn down your thermostat and take shorter showers.  But how can you green your office routine?

For employees, it may be difficult to feel like an effective part of the solution to environmental waste in the workplace.  Yet, going green at work is easy!  Plus, you can set a great example for other co-workers, and maybe even use your efforts to angle for recognition from your employer.

Eco-friendly workplace activities include: (1) turning off lights when you leave a room/break place/bathroom; (2) powering down your computer at the end of the day; (3) conserving water; (4) recycling batteries; (5) recycling paper, mail and other paper.

Beyond just switching lights off, why not go with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFCs) or LED light bulbs instead of incandescent?  Not only are these bulbs more efficient and last much longer, but they burn cooler.  During warm months of the year, you can save on cooling costs throughout the office by making the switch.  Plus, when you turn off lights and use natural sunlight, workers tend to get fewer headaches, while the electricity costs drop significantly.

When you consider how to green your office routine, one easy to control factor is your commute.  Where I live, riding my bicycle is easy and convenient.  It takes less than an hour to travel each way.  Plus, I must say that I feel much more relaxed and happy when I arrive.  If cycling is not an option, why not carpool?  Getting together with a group of co-workers is also considerably more enjoyable than driving alone – or even riding transit by yourself.

Another way that you can green your office routine is to consider your eating habits.  Yes, its greener to eat vegetarian, but that’s not the only way you can minimize CO2 emissions.  Bring your own lunch and forget the take-out.  Not only will you prevent packaging waste, but the gas that is required for pick-up or delivery.  In the office, bring your own mug or water bottle so that you don’t generate additional garbage.

Over time, you’ll rest easy knowing that these small changes can add up in a big way to help the environment!

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