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Design:Green with a green design

Looking for some simple tips for going green?  Not only is Peachy Green a great place to be (congratulations for visiting), but you should also check out Design:Green. You can get some great, energy saving, environmentally-friendly tips.  2009 is the time for products that are earth-smart and worth consumers’ investment.  If you can capture both elements, you’ll find that shoppers will spend money to go green, even in today’s economic climate.

If you are looking to make some money by helping others become environmentally conscious, you can also use Design:Green to help you on your way.  Its all about finding products in which consumers will still invest.

As described on its web site:

Design:Green is an initiative of J.Ottman Consulting focused on sustainable product design. Its mission is to transform business by helping to catalyze the development of products, packaging, and business models that are at once sustainable, innovative, profitable, and able to compete in the global marketplace.

What does this mean to you and to me?

Design:Green was created under a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The organization holds workshops and also provides customized consulting services to businesses that want to “go green,” by increasing energy efficiency.

Sell “Green” Products with the help of Design:Green.  Don’t just sell items that can be qualified as “green.”  Sell products that people really want!  Design:Green can help you meet retailer demands and also have highly marketing products.

Targeted to the specific needs of consumer packaged goods brand managers, product and package designers, marketers, and R&D professionals, this interactive workshop presents five key strategies for driving profitability and growth through a life cycle approach to eco-design and eco-innovation. To make their new creations fly off the shelves, it arms participants with strategies for marketing with credibility and impact.

Use Design:Green Interior decorating.  The tips include installing daylighting, green roofs, water efficient appliances, and locally procured materials.  These eco-design strategies have been developed for the needs of interior designers. When you use Design:Green, you can get to know tools such as Life Cycle Assessment and LEED, and learn how green design can enhance real estate value.

You can also check out Design: Green for green product news, and for ideas to take green ideas from concept to market!

Want to make some green, while going green?  Design:Green is your stop.

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